Author: Jill Loree

Writer’s Block: What’s It Got to do With Love?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

QUESTION: For a long time I’ve had a block against expressing myself creatively in any form, really, but it hurts me most in my writing, which is my natural form of expression. Recently, this has begun to loosen up, but I’m having trouble getting in touch with the part of me that wants to prevent me from writing and from…


The Three Faces of Evil

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By far and away, the most popular podcast on this website is the one about the Three Faces of Evil. These are: materialism, separation and confusion. Let’s look more closely at each, uncovering their ills, their upsides, and the way out. The Ills First up is materialism. It’s hard to fault anyone for getting lost here, since we do indeed…


The Road to Peace and Harmony

Reading Time: 5 minutes

God and the devil were walking through a garden, when God paused and pointed: “Aren’t these beautiful flowers?” God said. “Why, yes,” the devil agreed. “They are lovely. Here, let me organize them for you.” Rules and structures are everywhere. Many seem placed outside of us, put upon us, as it were. Necessary, it seems, to keep us in line.…