Pithy Cakes

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Quippy Confections About Making it Through

Pithy Cakes is a collection of a few dozen original confections, mashups of Jill Loree’s life and spiritual path. Crafted to edify and also delight, they are short, a bit fun, and made to hit the spot. Sort of like a cupcake. The frosting? A handful of poems sprinkled about.

flower graphic_pithy cakesMade with inspiration. Best enjoyed with coffee.


Enjoy samples here:


She’s Got a Ticket to Ride

All the Way Back to the C-Prompt

Poem: Or Not to Be

It’s Like Being Psychic

Changing Gears

Poem: Intense Mindfulness

Turning Vintage into Fine

Poem: I am Hot

Paul Bunyan: A Tragedy?

Quick, How Competitive are You?

Connecting the Dots

Boo! What Really Haunts Us

Poem: How I Wonder

Making Choice Decisions

The Nesting Dolls of Duality

Poem: Bold


Poem: Color-Coordinated

Run-of-the-Mill Or Rock Star

Poem: Good-Hair Goddess

Nothing to See Here Folks

Hanging in the Balance

Poem: Fat Lip

Walk This Way

Girls Just Want to Have Fairness

A Family to Call My Own

Poem by Charlie: My Mother

Poem by Jackson: I Am

A Simple Loop

At Cross Purposes

Poem: Hanging, Out.

Raising Doubts

What’s in a Name

1000? Piece of Cake


PITHY CAKES: Quippy Confections About Making it Through

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