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The Search for Our Own Precious Self

Prospecting for gold combines the lure of potential, the excitement of seeing a sparkling possibility, and the patience of a saint. Finding the whole amazing nugget of our true selves at the core of our being is not so different.

We must delve into areas of ourselves that have long been hidden from view, looking with self-compassion whenever a new awareness surfaces. We need to search for understanding and then follow it all the way through, mining it for every precious ounce of healing possible. Every glimpse of our true self will inspire us to go on.

To do this work, it helps to have a map of our inner landscape and a headlamp for seeing into dark corners. That’s what Jill Loree has created in this collection of spiritual teachings called Finding Gold. It taps into a rich vein of wisdom about the work of finding the self, illuminating the journey from various important perspectives.

To gain a deeper sense of our own true value is to find gold. And wow, what a worthwhile prospect that is.

From Ch 5: Self-Alienation and the Way Back to the Real Self

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  1. Occupation with Self
  2. Right and Wrong Faith
  3. The Importance of Forming Independent Opinions
  4. Self-Love
  5. Self-Alienation and the Way Back to the Real Self
  6. Laziness as a Symptom of Self-Alienation
  7. Identification with Self
  8. Winner vs Loser: Interplay Between the Self and Creative Forces
  9. Self-Liking: The Condition for the Universal State of Bliss
  10. Intensity: An Obstacle to Self-Realization
  11. Self Esteem
  12. Approach to Self: Self-Forgiveness without Condoning the Lower Self
  13. Being Values and Appearance Values
  14. Outer Events Reflect Self-Creation

*The order for reading these teachings is flexible. Follow your intuition and go where you feel called. If you get stuck on a teaching, move on. Sticking points may indicate something important to explore more deeply, but don’t let a speed bump derail you.


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