The Story of It All, in 25 Steps

Holy Moly is a book that tells the story of it all. If we boil the whole saga down, it goes something like this:

  1. God is love. Hence God must create, so love will have something to love.
  2. As such, more beings came into existence than can dance on the head of a pin; we call them angels.
  3. God gave each angel a special essence, plus—at their core—each held a spark of God. Oh, and free will—God gave the angels free will, too.
  4. Angels love to create; they created whole worlds filled with wonderful things. Angels are also curious beings; they love to explore new things.
  5. After a few gazillion eons of exploring the light, one got curious about that other side: the dark side. His name was Lucifer, meaning Bringer of Light, and he was a really good guy—and oh-so-very curious.
  6. At first, he dipped only his little toe into the darkness; then he came right back. ‘What fun! he said, and did it again. Over time, he recruited some buddies to also check it out with him. It was all in good fun.
  7. By and by, more and more angels began following their curiosity along the lines of Lucifer: “We already know what happy feels like—but what about sad?” We fell for our curiosity and kept falling, until eventually we didn’t have enough of a toehold in God’s world of goodness to get back. Yes, we are those angels.
  8. Fast-forward a few gazillion eons, and now we were experiencing the opposite of everything good. We were also in a pickle, because we were experiencing the opposite of free will, and were therefore under the undeniable dominion of Lucifer-now-called-Satan. Well, crap.
  9. And where was God this whole time? Standing back watching us exercise our free will. If God had stepped in and stopped us, he would have violated the very free will he had gladly given us in the first place. A pickle, indeed.
  10. Meanwhile, God’s highest created being—the one containing the most sparkles of God, or Christ—was paying attention as well.
  11. For over another gazillion eons, all of us fallen angels were hanging out unhappily in Satan’s dark lair. Until at long last, there dawned the slightest glimmer of light on the horizon. This arose from the longing of the fallen angels who wanted to find their way back to God.
  12. It was this longing to return to God that set something new into motion, creating the formation of a place where everyone could come and learn to consciously make a different choice—a choice for the good.
  13. This place that was created came not only from the longing of the fallen angels (aka, you and me), but also from the longing of the unfallen angels who pined for the return of their brothers and sisters.
  14. And so it was that slowly and gradually, a planet came into existence where fallen angels could incarnate to do their work of returning to God. This was a place of duality, where both good and evil would co-exist, which was a perfect match for the fragmented souls of the fallen angels that had broken into two, creating masculine and feminine halves.
  15. Since this planet was created from the longings emanating from both heaven and hell, “pure” entities from both spheres could come to Earth as well. The pure angels from heaven came to provide guidance and direction, much needed for the human beings who were at first still so negatively skewed and crude in their development. The dark forces showed up just to add more evil to the pot, and to tempt humanity to continue to choose to play in the dark. It’s so much more fun!
  16. But when the humans went to sleep, or when they died and temporarily went back to the Spirit World, they continued to be stuck under Satan’s unrelenting domain.
  17. So one day, Christ went to have a chat with Satan about this: “Hey, when people make the choice for good and are ready to return to God, can you please let them come back?”
  18. And Satan said, ‘Ah, no.’
  19. So Jesus asked what it would take to let people actually get back—once they consciously decide they want to get home to God—and be freed from Satan’s dominion.
  20. Satan basically said: “Send one guy—anyone—to Earth and let me throw all my best temptations at them—without the Spirit World helping them out like you usually do—and if that person stays true to God (which I don’t believe anyone could ever do, because I am crazy-good at what I do), then I’ll fight a war with you. And if you win, I’ll agree that God’s laws are just, and those who want to leave my cozy nest can do so.”
  21. So anyone could have gone, but Christ raised his hand for the assignment. He did so because he was Satan’s Number One Enemy, given Satan’s insane jealousy over Christ’s second-in-command position.
  22. To this day, no one has had to endure anything like what Jesus went through during his time on Earth. And with his memory of the Spirit World dimmed out—just like for the rest of us—it wasn’t a slam dunk. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ did it.
  23. Immediately following Jesus’ death—over a three-day period, give or take—a war was waged. Numbers-wise, it was terribly lopsided, for the forces of good far outweigh the power of evil; even Satan had to agree it was a fair fight. And the Light Team wearing the white hats took home the trophy.
  24. Ever since, the doors back to heaven have been opened for anyone who does the work of choosing light over dark, good over evil.
  25. It is God’s will, supported by God’s laws, that we each get to use our own free will to make this choice, so that when we return to God, we can reunite with the Oneness.


It’s on us, now. Every day, we have lots of opportunities to see the light and choose this way. The door is now open. Will we step through?

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