Symbols in the Sea

Signs and symbols are a gift from God to help us navigate our journey. In the first lecture, the Guide used an analogy in which all of life is the sea, and each individual life is a boat. This symbolism captures the stormy aspects of life and the calm waters that allow time to regroup in between storms. The storms are always followed by sunshine, and the sun in fact is always present behind the clouds. The journey alternates between storms and calm until our boat arrives at its destination, which is the firm land of the Spirit World – our true home.

If we are skilled captains and not afraid of danger, we will direct our boat wisely through the elements, gathering strength during the smooth periods to be ready for the next storm. Another of us might get nervous and lose inner control when a storm is brewing. Yet another may be so scared that in extreme fear, no effort is made to steer the boat at all and it drifts through storms, not gaining anything.

The clouds and storms are the tests that life brings to each of us. If we reach out to God and ask for help, we can be given more strength to steer our little boat well, even through storms. The journey all depends on how well we direct our life.

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In the final lecture, the Guide once again spoke of the beautiful symbolism of the sea, pointing out how it tells us loudly and clearly that nothing is ever lost. We can observe this in the ebb and flow of the water. When it recedes, it seems to disappear and no longer exist. Of course, it continues to exist in the greater pool and it will return. Individual consciousness is the same.

In the ebb and the flow, we also see a certain rhythm. In life, we too often allow our disruptive minds to become insensitive to our own unique rhythm patterns, which we need to learn to be in harmony with.

When we seek connections between our outer world and our insides and the answers fail to come, we may be out of rhythm. The waiting time can then be used to find qualities in ourselves that we can only see in times of ebb, never flow. It’s like having a chance to look closely at the whalebones and seashells lying on the sand, which you can’t get to once the tide comes back in. Just as the time span between high tide and low tide is never exactly the same, in the same way, we need to sense our own rhythm in all things.

“The world then goes about its business. Its business is light that no darkness opposes because it does not illuminate something, but is the illuminating urge itself.”

– Two steps in the Magi Process, by Jason Shulman


The Guide tells us that we will recognize this type of symbolism more as we awaken. Then we will come to view the universe in a whole new way. We will see that everything has purpose, nothing is for naught, and there is a magnificent plan at work to bring us all to oneness.

We will one day find that instead of being the holder of light, we will no longer need the light. Because we will become what we’ve always been – the illuminating urge itself.


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