One Hard-and-Fast Truth: We Can’t Cheat Life

Life on Earth is not all bad. It’s also not all good. There’s always a downside to everything and every time we make a choice, there are multiple factors to consider. First, there’s the reality that maybe we can’t have exactly what we want, exactly how we want it, exactly when we want it. There are lots of moving parts on this planet and everyone has free will. Bottom line, people don’t always do what’s best and that creates an effect.

People don’t always do what’s best and that creates an effect.

Further, sometimes we’re just not wholly willing to pay the price to have what we want. Or maybe we aren’t up for accepting the inherent disadvantages to the option we prefer.

No matter what the situation is, here is one hard-and-fast truth: we can’t cheat life. It’s simply not possible to receive more than we are willing to give. Nonetheless, we’re all hoping we can game the system, gaining the greatest advantages and not having to shoulder the load of what it takes to get the goodies. And that right there is a violation of spiritual law. Because life cannot be cheated.

Excerpted from Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead.