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Why Are We Here? To Do Our Work

Would it make any sense for the people building hospitals to resent those who get hurt doing something they shouldn’t have done? Or for people creating treatment centers to turn their backs on people in need of recovery? Do builders of schools look down on those who haven’t yet learned what they came to learn? Of course not. So when…


Turning Holes into Wholeness

Last year, thousands of people went to Home Depot and bought a drill, yet none of them actually wanted a drill. What they wanted was a hole. It’s sort of like that with our spiritual work. We must be willing to apply the right tool in doing our work—even though we may not really want to—if we hope to achieve…


Doing the Work…What does that even mean?

Hello Friends, I would like to share my latest creation with you. It’s a book called DOING THE WORK: Healing our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self (Learn more). Download a Free PDF of Doing the Work. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 7: So You’re the Rubber and I’m the Glue? | Our Work We need…