Category: 6) Gems


We tuck a lot of prideful behaviors behind our ego, including all our defensive strategies—submission, aggression and withdrawal—and their cover-up masks which are intended to hide them—power masks, love masks and serenity masks…These are all tricks of the ego designed to keep us small. No joke, that’s what the ego is going for… Per the ego, we must stay very…



Before we can do our transformative work, we have see exactly what it is—inside of us—that needs a make-over…It won’t do to have a vague, general sense of our destructive intentions. We’ve got to see our personal version of evil, in all its ugly glory…Short and simple, we have to own up honestly to the full force of our devilish…



And so we need to pray. We need to find faith in our ultimate goodness at our core, which will show itself only when we are able to see the darkness that is covering it up…We’ll find the strength to have the needed courage if we become aware that we matter. By simply existing, everything we do makes a difference……