Category: Spilling the Script

MATURITY | A Powerful Path to Freedom

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The link between truth and maturity have never seemed more relevant. Truth is a spectrum. And until we see the whole spectrum of truth regarding anything, we may see something as being true when we in fact don’t have the full truth. We can liken our window on truth to the experience of looking out one side of a train.…


‘I’ll Never Give In’ and other Lost Causes

Reading Time: 6 minutes

EXAMINING THE BIG-L LOWER SELF   At some point in this work, we will find the place in ourselves that really doesn’t want to change—that doesn’t want to give up negativity. This is the Big-L Lower Self. It is made up of frozen, blocked and distorted energy, so it vibrates at a lower frequency than Higher Self energy, and it’s…


‘I Just Can’t Win’ and other Difficult Truths

Reading Time: 7 minutes

EXPLORING THE LITTLE-L LOWER SELF   There can be a misunderstanding about what it means for an adult to be childlike versus childish. Being childlike is beautiful, and no adult can be truly joyful and creative unless we preserve and nurture our ability to be childlike. It includes the capacity to feel excitement about new things, to be adventurous, and…