Category: Spiritual Laws

One Hard-and-Fast Truth: We Can’t Cheat Life

Reading Time: 1 minute

Life on Earth is not all bad. It’s also not all good. There’s always a downside to everything and every time we make a choice, there are multiple factors to consider. First, there’s the reality that maybe we can’t have exactly what we want, exactly how we want it, exactly when we want it. There are lots of moving parts…


What Does it Take to Create?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The movement that bridges the gap between duality and unity is called mutuality. And nothing—absolutely nothing—can be created without mutuality. This is a spiritual law. In short, mutuality is the process of two apparently opposite things moving toward each other for the purpose of uniting and creating. Together, they will form one complete whole. As such, this movement of mutuality…