Did Jesus Christ have a Lower Self?

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To my way of hearing things, whether the Lutherans of my childhood were talking about Jesus, Christ or Jesus Christ, it was all the same. Like Jesus was his first name, and Christ was his last name.

I now have a different view of things. Christ, as I understand it, is the first being created by God, who was and is the King of all that is. While all other beings later created by Christ are doubles, meaning our original souls are made up of both a masculine half and a feminine half, Christ was the whole enchilada: all things great and good rolled into one.

Further, while each of us angelic beings were created with a spark of God, or an essence of Christ, at our core, Christ is made up of more of this amazingness than anyone else. It is this aspect of every human soul that is our Higher Self, or what the Lutherans call the Holy Ghost. So like Christ, who is all Higher Self and in far more intensity than we can even imagine, we too are Higher-Self beings. And it is from this source that the fount of wisdom, love and courage can flow. For at our core, we are intimately connected with source.

We too are Higher-Self beings. And it is from this source that the fount of wisdom, love and courage can flow.

What blocks that never-ending flow from burbling forth like luscious lava is something called a Lower Self. This is the crusty layer of negative emotions, distorted ideas and less-than-full-awareness (aka, blindness about our own shortcomings) that surrounds the Higher Self of human beings. And it is our work when we incarnate to clear away some aspect of this darkness by transforming it back to the light. Whenever we do this, we return ourselves to more wholeness and our Higher Self light shines through.

So how did this Lower Self come into being? Through a long and unfortunate process known as the Fall, during which each of us opted to explore the dark side of life. We, with our God-given free will, elected to try on various negative aspects of all-things-positive, and wound up getting ourselves cast out of heaven for repeatedly making such bad choices. So ending up lost in darkness under the domination of Satan was the effect of causes we ourselves set into motion.

At a certain point, supported by God’s unending mercy and forgiveness, Christ stepped in to save us, making it possible for us to work our way all the back to being in good standing once again with God in heaven. When Christ undertook the most remarkable mission of coming to Earth to free us from the fate of our own making, he lived as a man named Jesus. Or more aptly, Jesus the Christ. But unlike the rest of us, he didn’t arrive here by way of the Fall.

Unlike the rest of us, Jesus didn’t arrive here by way of the Fall.

Instead, Christ came as a rescuer whose goal was to 1) release us from the interminable domination of Lucifer, 2) put new limits on Lucifer and his henchmen, and 3) show us how we must go if we want to make it past the pearly gates and get all the way back home to God. As such, since Christ did not participate in the Fall, he did not acquire a Lower Self.

Many other great spiritual teachers and prophets throughout time have also come to Earth to help us find our way forward in choosing the light, and many of these pure beings—pure, as in, also not part of the Fall—have been helpful way-showers for many, many people. Some have come with an agreement to transform some aspect of negativity, and many have taken on very difficult tasks. Others still, who did participate in the Fall, while perhaps being excellent spiritual teachers in many ways, have found themselves tripped up and taken down by the influences of Lucifer and his henchmen who can attack them in the hidden recesses of their not-yet-resolved Lower Self aspects. Various new-age healers and church leaders alike have fallen into just such a hole.

Satan, then, is the King of Lower Self, and he rules the underworld and each of us who were former inhabitants with an iron fist. Given an inch, he will worm his way a mile into our souls and inspire us to continue to make bad choices. But even Satan, who was Lucifer in the Spirit World, meaning “bringer of light,” has a glorious light at the core of his being.

We can use this as a reminder that no matter what we’ve done, there is good within and we can tap into it. It’s also a caution that we must do the hard work of searching for and choosing the light if we want to free ourselves from the prison of pain and from becoming playthings of the Prince of Darkness. When we do this, our little light can once again shine.

—Jill Loree


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