Finding our Light, Feeling More Connected

In our current state, we can feel torn, as we have our feet planted in two different worlds: the world of matter and the world of spirit. And so this is exactly our task: to spiritualize matter and to materialize Christ. For Christ is blossoming every minute, every day, all the time, with each new realization or budding spurt of new consciousness.

Sure, we all start off thinking only the world of matter is real. And while our material world is important, it’s not the only reality. Our work then is to infuse the material world with more and more spiritual reality. And many of us are far more in touch with that reality than ever before. It’s only the fractured, split-off aspects of consciousness that manage to not be aware of this.

Every time we breathe a loving breath, and whenever we change our attitude for the better, we are giving birth to the light of Christ here on Earth. Eventually, all these lights will brighten our own souls and we will spread this light to others, converging us all into one ginormous sea of light, sea of love, sea of joyful, intense awareness.

The illusion we are separate is a good one. But it’s still an illusion. And once we start to see through it, we’ll start to see what really exists: a oneness of consciousness. Each of us is a beautiful aspect of God—a shining ray of Christ’s light—and we each behold a unique original face. In oneness, there is love connecting all our various aspects.

What greater gift could we give ourselves than to wake up and make an effort to channel what’s inside us out into the world—to bring forward the Christ consciousness that dwells within? And we have so much inside us to give. We don’t need to be so stingy!

We can afford to have the courage to take the risk to be in truth.

We can all afford to be generous. We can afford to let others be their best selves. We can afford to give up our little self-interests that make us feel so overly self-important. We can afford to love. We can afford to have the courage to take the risk to be in truth. We can afford to be humble.

When we are all these things, all this goodness can flow through us. When we are willing to give, we are also then open to receive the same.

These offerings will then be renewed in us any time we gently point out to someone else what we observe, or when we listen with an ear for hearing what’s true, rather than worrying we’ll be rejected, misjudged or hurt.

Indeed, every time we listen for the truth, we will find the light of Christ within. And there is nothing greater for us to uncover than this. For that’s the moment we’ll know there is truly nothing to fear.

—The Guide’s Wisdom, Jill Loree’s Words