Four Laws for Living Right

This world runs on a whole series of interconnecting spiritual laws that are designed to move us in the right direction. They do this mostly by making movement in the wrong direction—aka, away from our highest good—unpleasant, if not downright painful.

Here are four spiritual laws to become mindful of every day:

The Law of Making an Effort

Long story short, always following the path of least resistance is a sure-fire way to find ourselves in a world of hurt. For the truth is, we are required to make an effort if we hope to climb our way out of the holes we have dug for ourselves by being lazy and living in opposition to the flow of life.

Effort in, then, equals opportunity out. If the choices we make always put us on the easiest road, we’re actually not operating in our own best interest. Instead, we are coddling the Lower Self inside us that wants us to believe we are special, and that we shouldn’t have to try so hard.

Sorry to say it, that’s not how this game is played. But buck up, for there’s some real upside to becoming willing to make an effort, which is this: when we live in alignment with our highest good—making choices that align with God’s will for us—our energetic cup gets refilled. We are nourished and replenished from the divine well within us, and our efforts become, in a weird way, effortless.

For when we become engaged with whatever task is in front of us, we lean into life with a verve that makes us want to move, want to advance, want to be better. So if we’re exhausted all the time, it’s time to check for a hidden belief that says ‘my way or the highway,’ and ‘I don’t care if I’m swimming against the current.’ Yet we should care, because going against the flow of life—which oddly enough, means always taking the easy way out—is never going to get us where we want to go.

The Law of Paying a Price

The good stuff requires we put some skin into the game. So if we want to enjoy the best life has to offer, we’re going to need to invest. We may need to be willing to wait to have all that we want. (And no, waiting is not the end of the world.) We may need to open to receiving from another source than from the one we are demanding give us the goodies.

We might have to settle for a little less, realizing that life on planet Earth isn’t perfect, and that doesn’t mean we can’t have joy. We may have to give a little to get. We can pray to want what we have, rather than to have what we want. Gratitude goes a long, long ways toward feeling satisfied.

The Law of Not Cheating Life

To the extent we can’t see how we ourselves operate in the dark—blind and yet unwilling to search for how we’re lost—we also can’t see the inner ways of anyone else. We don’t know what hills and valleys another has travelled through, and so often, we can’t see the burdens they carry.

As such, we tend to whitewash ourselves and assume that everyone else just has better luck. If only, we think, we could just find the loophole. On and on we go, searching for the shortcut, never realizing that it’s such shortsightedness that trips us up.

Rather than just doing what must be done to take care of business, we search for the end-run, the easy way out. We fail to understand that no one gets there that way, and that if someone else seems to have found the gravy train without trying, we simply don’t have all the facts about how they got there. For life cannot be cheated. It just can’t.

The Law of Not Skipping Steps

This law doesn’t stop us from pretending to be further ahead than we are, but when we do so, it will quickly take us to our knees. We will find ourselves humbled to realize that life won’t let us skip ahead. We must all do the painstaking work of hunting in the dark for how we are responsible for our life’s events, and discovering any untruth lurking inside of us.

Attempting to skip steps is akin to getting all the goodies without seeing exactly where and how we are the ones responsible for any lack in our life. Moreover, finding these gaps is what the journey is all about. To hop over or around our inner work of healing is to miss the whole point of incarnating.

Remember, ‘patience is a virtue; waiting won’t hurt you.’ We must slow down and discover what our work is. Then make the effort to do the next right thing. We need to invest in ourselves by taking the time to unravel the wreckage of our past, do what must be done to set ourselves on the right path, and begin to build a solid life, one step at a time.

—Jill Loree

Learn more about spiritual laws in Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead.


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