Part 2: How a Giant Recorder becomes a Great Comforter

So how exactly does this work that everything gets accounted for—including our secret intentions and less-than-noble attitudes—even decades later? How can a person be judged for how they lived their life, after the fact? Turns out, there is an important principle at work here, and understanding it will help us open the inner valves on our intuition.

People are made up of an inner substance—sometimes called a soul substance—that reflects every bit of our life. Nothing gets glossed over; no aspect gets lost in the corner. So everything that has any significance—our thoughts and feelings, our intentions and actions—gets imprinted onto this substance, along with all the ramifications. The upshot of this is that everything’s available for review.

As such, a person’s whole life can be looked at every which way; we are an open book. So each of us has this built-in recording device, which drives a hole through our grand illusion—one of our many—that as long as we keep our thoughts to ourselves, they won’t hurt anybody, including us. No dice. We go so far as to resent others if they react to our unspoken intentions, thinking our secrets are safe with us and shouldn’t count. But no, the recorder is always running, and it’s capturing the whole ball of wax.

Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it happens slowly. But it always happens.

How about the timing of effect-follows-cause? Surprise, surprise, there’s a bunch of other laws regarding that. Suffice it to say, sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it happens slowly. But it always happens. Generally, the more highly developed an entity is, the faster will effect come after cause. Those who are still quite in the dark, well, they are in the dark a bit longer in this regard as well. Often, the less developed will only make the missing connections after their bodily garment has been shed.

As explained earlier, what happens in the microcosm also shows up in the macrocosm. So the planet has a soul substance too, and everything that’s ever happened on Earth is imprinted there. Our history can be read as one immaculately kept record. Certain clairvoyant people, in fact, have special gifts for tapping into parts of the world record, although keep in mind that the limited consciousness of such a person can allow misinterpretations to cloud their vision. And since this whopper world recorder is outside the bounds of our 3D time and space, certain future possibilities—what’s most likely to manifest—can be found there as readily as transcripts about the past.

Just like our personal soul substance, the world substance is infinitely malleable; they are both made of the same stuff, and nothing gets past it—nothing that has already happened, nothing that is currently happening, and nothing that will ever happen. It’s automatic that it all gets imprinted. The recording includes the raw event along with any hidden motives and secret intentions; it even registers the precise balance of ambivalent feelings and the truth behind any decision we make.

It notes the alternatives we choose to act on—as people and as a planet—so there can be no obfuscation of what went on. On the surface we may be confused and in the dark, stuck in arguments and dissension, while deep below, our hidden levels of awareness are running the show. Nothing is missed.

If we could see all this with clarity, it would eliminate our pain of injustice. We would see, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that we live in an infinitely just creation where no error is possible. But such awareness can’t come cheap. We have to work for it, through our struggle of doing our work of self-knowing. This means we have to get over our resistance to looking within and discovering what is hiding in the cracks. And we will need to take responsibility for what we find.

This is what is meant by the Judgment Day talked about in religious circles. It hints at this notion of ultimate justice, but in our limited and negatively skewed view of things, people have taken this to imply an unfair, arbitrary rejection of who we are, instead of a fair and grand assessment. That’s humanity’s typical state of affairs, projecting our unloving attitude where it doesn’t belong.

In the end, divine justice is nothing more and nothing less than the sum total of everything an individual expresses. Then the inevitable consequences are both the measure and medicine for helping a person heal and expand into wholeness—that is to say, holiness.

Our struggle stems from the fact that our will is trying to go in two opposite directions. On the one hand, we duck our heads in the sand, fearing and resisting this grand accounting that overlooks nothing. On the other hand, it is our deepest longing to have exactly this piece of knowledge—to experience the truth of this full and fair reckoning; for only in this way will we heal this intense wound of believing that this world is totally unreliable and there really is no justice for all.

So what we ardently oppose on the surface, we vigorously long for within. When the outer self wins, our inner selves are in despair. We may feel this only vaguely or at other times quite keenly, but without awareness of what’s going on, we’ll never understand it clearly. In misinterpreting our despair, we blame everyone but ourselves for our pain.

Job One is to feel this pain caused by the belief we are puppets in an unjust world. Once we hone in on this specific pain, we can face the struggle against healing this pain—that push-me-pull-you inside attempting to go in two opposing directions. The only relief we’ll find comes from doing the thing we resist the most: linking up the causes we ourselves have set into motion with their effect on ourselves and others.

Once we remove this inner wall of resistance, it will seem foolish to have erected it in the first place.

Once we remove this inner wall of resistance, it will seem foolish to have erected it in the first place. And it will be such a relief to see the orderliness of creation—the infinite mercy and justice woven into all that is. Plus, we’ll get a renewed sense of ourselves as an integral component of the fabric of life. All we do and desire and strive for and accomplish—it has an impact, whether we realize this or not.

We don’t need to fear or resist this reality. We only do so because we think our destructive bits are the whole pie—our ultimate essence and final reality. If that were true, it would indeed be unbearable. But that alternative is what the dark forces whisper into our ears. They want us to remain in pain and confusion, disconnected from the greater reality of life. For if we stay in the dark, we’ll rail against the pain of an unjust universe; we won’t see the beauty of God’s creation and the justice that permeates it all. We won’t see the truth that—really and truly, Scout’s honor—it’s all good.

And so we need to pray. We need to find faith in our ultimate goodness at our core, which will show itself only when we are able to see the darkness that is covering it up. Over and over, again and again, this is the step we need to take; and this step requires courage. We’ll find the strength to have the needed courage if we become aware that we matter. By simply existing, everything we do makes a difference.

Our thoughts do not befall us. We are the director of our thoughts. And with our thoughts, we create. They direct the flow of our feelings and choices. It’s a total illusion to believe that by not deciding our own thoughts or deeds, we don’t make a difference. Heck, we often think our choices have no impact even when we do make an effort. So then how much more do we doubt the effect of lukewarm withholding, or of not taking a stand, or not seeking out the truth.

The reality of the situation is that all our non-actions have just as much impact as what we do. It’s all registered in our soul substance, including our hidden motives for having no gumption. So all our attitudes and feelings that accompany any decision to not act are noted and recorded. Every thought sends out rays of energy that create according to their nature. We are already co-creating our current reality.

This new vision of ourselves as constant creators can lend a new dignity to our lives.

This new vision of ourselves as constant creators can lend a new dignity to our lives. It can motivate us to choose to be an agent on behalf of God, searching for disturbances inside ourselves that block the beauty and wisdom and truth that are ready to flow through the instrument of our being. Or we can do the devil’s work. Whether we consciously know what we are doing, matters not a lick. We’re still doing it, and it is no less harmful.

Life is all about changing, and we can transform the worst in us to the best in us, forever and always; our soul substance is infinitely malleable. We can overcome our Lower Selves, and find new self-esteem. By harnessing the courage and maturity to face whatever negativity is still in us, we restore our faith in Christ, in justice, and in goodness. Our souls can be restored to their original vibrant condition.

Our key is always to look at our level of fear and anxiety. To whatever degree we feel these, we will feel the pain of injustice. And to that exact same degree, we are unaware of the effect of our Lower Self and its consequences. Conversely, to the extent we are able to name our fears and look directly at the pain of injustice gnawing at our insides, we will overcome our resistance to seeing how we disconnect from the turmoil wrought by our Lower Self. This is the doorway through which we can remove a crazy-big burden from our backs caused by the pain of injustice. We’ll gain a new security that all is, indeed, very well.

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From GEMS: A Multifaceted Collection of 16 Clear Spiritual Teachings

Adapted from #249 The Pain of Injustice—Cosmic Records of All Personal and Collective Events, Deeds, Expressions