Love, Power and Serenity in Divinity or in Distortion

There are three major divine attributes—love, power and serenity—that in the healthy person work as a team. They hang out side-by-side, humming along in perfect harmony and alternating which one takes the lead depending on what the situation calls for. They complement each other; they make each other stronger; they maintain flexibility amongst themselves so one never drowns another out.

But when they are in distortion, they step all over each other. They create conflicts by way of contradictions when one lucky attribute gets unconsciously chosen over the others as the favorite life solution. Then love, power and serenity get distorted into their evil twins: submission, aggression and withdrawal. Before you know it, the dominant attitude of this supposed solution starts setting up rigid, dogmatic standards that become the tenets of the idealized self-image.

We have no idea that our great solution is the very thing drawing disappointments and problems onto our heads. When our solution doesn’t work, we just try harder using the same ineffective solution. The less this works, the more we doubt ourselves. The more we doubt ourselves, the harder we work at applying our wrong solution. It never occurs to us that our real problem is the solution we have chosen.

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