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Debunking the Curious Superstition of Pessimism

In this spiritual teaching, the Guide points out a seriously flawed strategy—pessimism—we use to hedge our bets and hopefully surprise ourselves with wonderful outcomes. The fault in our logic is that we don’t realize what powerful creators we are, and so we don’t realize that this superstitious folly is what creates our disappointing life experiences. Worse yet, we start to…


The Pain of Injustice and the Truth About Fairness

The pain of injustice contains much more than can be expressed by this word “injustice.” Because our pain is not just about injustice that is happening to us in the here-and-now. It includes a fear that we live in a world where destruction can happen—and there are no safety valves. It’s the fear that there’s no rhyme or reason to…


How Consciousness Evolves Between Individuals and Groups

The swing of the pendulum, alternately emphasizing individuation and group consciousness, has been in motion since mankind first set foot on planet Earth. During each phase, we move to a higher level of development, leveraging what we have learned from the previous phase. Over the past few hundred years, the emphasis has been on the individual. We were learning certain…