Basking in Grace & Not Building on Deficit

In this spiritual teaching, the Guide goes deeply into the topic of grace. Most of us understand, at least at some level, that we create our own reality, but then does that mean there’s no more grace? Thankfully no. Grace is something that just is—we are swimming in it—just like faith. But we’ve lost our connection with both and therefore feel empty.

This empty feeling makes us believe we live in a poor and ungiving world. As such, we build our lives on top of deficit thinking, which can never lead to the creation of abundance. We hold ourselves back—hoarding instead of flowing with giving and receiving—which makes us equally unable to receive life’s riches.

As our false beliefs pile up, so does our deficit and our lack of faith in God’s grace. Our personal crises are nothing more than such bankruptcies being exposed. But all this is so unnecessary, because God’s grace is ever-present. We only need to give ourselves over to it.

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