Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Political Systems

In this spiritual teaching about political systems, the Guide walks us through each of the most popular political systems on the planet—monarchy and feudalism, socialism and communism, and capitalistic democracy—showing how they all have a divine expression, and not surprising to anyone, they each have a distorted underbelly.

Humanity has gradually evolved from one to the next, as people have become more and more ready to take on more and more self-responsibility, until we’ve arrived at the one that gives us the most freedom—and has the greatest opportunity for abuse. Funny the way that goes.

The Guide illuminates how both the divine and distorted attributes of all of them are living inside every human being, calling us to do our own work if we want to live in a fully functioning society. Or not. It seems we may have some work to do. But done well, the best qualities of all three systems dovetail together, creating the possibility for building communities and whole nations in which everyone can thrive.

Listen and learn more.