Unwinding Humanity’s Relationship with Time

In this spiritual teaching about time, the Guide discusses the importance of using our time wisely. When we do this, using our time to investigate all the minor and major disharmonies in our lives, we’ll unravel their mysteries and make hay with our time here on Earth. Then we will feel like we are at one with life.

When we waste time, though, ignoring our negative emotions, we are in conflict with the fragment of time at our disposal, not using it as God intended. Oddly, even as we are frittering away time, we are simultaneously chomping at the bit to get to a future we think will hold more happiness. But wait—there’s death and decay out there, let’s turn around and go back in time!

It’s no wonder we feel torn in two: we literally are. It’s time to sort this out and figure out how to enjoy the fullness of Now.

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