The Fourth Commandment

4) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

As always, this statement has meaning on many levels. On the outer level, it had a very different meaning when it was originally said than it could possibly have today. At that time, people were fairly crude in terms of their development. If they hadn’t been pointed in the direction of God, toward whom our thoughts and feelings should be devoted at least to some degree, their lower natures would have gotten more out of control than they already were. Yes, placing a “must” on us by way of an outer law is not really what spirituality is all about. But when primitive instincts were still running rampant, an outer law was really needed.

Going to a deeper level, this commandment is about finding balance in our activities. We should devote part of our lives to our duties, livelihood and responsibilities, whatever they are. Another part should be devoted to our spiritual unfoldment. And still another part should go to pleasure and enjoyment of life. We need to relax. We want to be harmonious in how we distribute all our activities so that we don’t become one-sided. We want to be healthy in our bodies and our souls, and balance is an important aspect of our health.

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