Three Basic Personality Types: Reason, Will and Emotion

In order to sort our way through our inner wrong conclusions that have led to so much trouble in our lives, it will be helpful if we better understand what makes us and others tick. To this end, let’s look at the three basic types of human personalities.

The first personality type runs their life mainly using reason, the second type governs mostly with their emotions, and the third does so using their will. So the three personality types are each dominated by either reason or emotion or will. But keep in mind, no one is ever totally one-sided; we’re all mutts with one type more predominant than the others. Sometimes this is obvious, and sometimes it’s more complicated. And sometimes we switch them up a bit depending on the situation, making our modus operandi even more difficult to detect.

Ideally, in the well-balanced personality, each of the three aspects will find their rightful place. But since there are no perfect people, the three trends typically find themselves misdirected into the wrong channels. For example, we lean on our emotions when reason should prevail, or the other way around. We will want to get a bead on which type we are, as this will help us in excavating our layers of inner error.

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