Series: Bones

The Importance of Feeling All Our Feelings, Including Fear

Just what is this spiritual path of which we speak, overall? Knowing this may allow us to sort out how we fit into the cosmos. What exactly is the point? One thing that most people are catching onto is how essential it is to face everything inside ourselves—our feelings and convictions, attitudes and negative aspects—that we are either completely unaware…


Emotional Growth and Its Function

To be in harmony, we have to walk straight in three areas: physically, mentally and emotionally. All three sides of our nature must work together, like two people running a three-legged race, for a human personality to find unity. When everything’s operating smoothly, these three will help each other out. But when we’re out of sync, they will subdue and…


Freedom and Self-Responsibility

The stronger and deeper our convictions, the more substantial are the forms that exist in our soul…There’s one soul form worth talking about specifically, because it exists in each and every one of us to some degree. This form is shaped like an abyss and it’s made completely out of illusion…The size of this abyss varies for everybody. But whether…