Series: Holy Moly


There’s been an exciting craze of spirituality sweeping the planet as we’ve turned the corner into the new millennium. During this same time period, people have been reacting more and more negatively to the fanatics and the many foibles of organized religion. So we’ve taken our business across town—to workshops and meditation retreats, coffee shops and the latest spiritual teacher’s…


1 The Good Lord Willing

Free will is a topic of great confusion for many. So which is it? Door Number One: people have no free will whatsoever—it’s all fate or destiny. Door Number Two: we only have free will, and it’s all free will. Or Door Number Three: maybe some things are determined by free will while others are not. Wouldn’t it be nice…


2 Ushering In Christ

What is the time of year that is most associated with Christ? For most of us, that would be Christmas. It is at that time of year when the light of Christ returns with renewed force in remembrance of the greatest deed that has ever been accomplished on this planet, ever. This light is so strong—so penetrating and so glorious—it…