Show Me the Way to Go Home

On Free Will in Spiritual Laws:
…Never forget that these spiritual laws run like clockwork and are so perfectly crafted it’s not possible for anything unjust to come to any single one of us. But we do have free will, and sometimes we run amok. It may seem odd that God came up with these perfectly crafted laws and then gave us free reign to break them. But if we weren’t able to violate the laws, we wouldn’t have free will now, would we?So plans are prepared according to prevailing circumstances, always within the guidelines of spiritual laws and always by giving us the easiest path forward possible. And then it’s up to us. Sometimes we step up to the plate and avoid an unfortunate situation, and sometimes we don’t. Then plans are modified in accordance with the latest circumstances. All alternatives are considered ahead of time and prepared for, but people will do what people will do.

In the end, it’s always up to us to decide if we want to apply our already purified aspects to the task of addressing the unpurified parts. Our own Higher Self is not going to force itself upon us and strong-arm us into making the better choice. That would go against all spiritual law. Therefore our outer personality must make all the effort; we have to marshal our forces as best we can in our current disconnected state and start building a bridge. This is the way we must go. It’s the only way to get home.

Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead is a summary of the Guide’s teachings throughout the Pathwork lectures about spiritual laws.

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