What Does it Take to Create?

The movement that bridges the gap between duality and unity is called mutuality. And nothing—absolutely nothing—can be created without mutuality. This is a spiritual law. In short, mutuality is the process of two apparently opposite things moving toward each other for the purpose of uniting and creating. Together, they will form one complete whole. As such, this movement of mutuality is what eliminates separation.

During the process of mutuality, two things must open up toward each other. Then, by cooperating and affecting each other, something new can come into being. The process works the same for forming a new relationship as for creating a work of art. For example, a new form of self-expression can only come into being when we allow our limited egos to merge with something beyond ourselves.

The first part, the creativity, is spontaneous and free flowing, while the second part, the execution, is a voluntary act of our will.

First, we form the idea of what we want to create in our mind. In this way, the mind joins with creative inspiration and imagination to extend itself beyond what it previously was aware could exist. Without this, we don’t even have a plan. Next, this first part of creativity connects up with the second part, which is execution. This implies that effort will now be required. For surely, if we want to create something, we’ll need to add in some elbow grease, along with a bit of self-discipline.

So the creative spark must work in harmony with the more mechanical means of the ego for something to be created. The first part, the creativity, is spontaneous and free flowing, while the second part, the execution, is a voluntary act of our will. Inspiration alone without perspiration produces nothing but a good idea.

This movement of mutuality, which leads us toward unity, involves a harmonious give and take, a dose of mutual cooperation. In other words, a Yes must meet a Yes for something to happen. One of the first places we can apply this principle is to the relationship we have with ourselves. We must meet our inner self halfway.

When we do this, we connect ourselves with the source of all that is. When we won’t, but instead chose to operate solely from our ego, we are closed off from receiving the abundance of universal life. As such, we remain poor. For if we can’t receive, we must stay deprived. That’s why it says in Holy Scripture that the poor will become poorer and the rich richer. This is one of the laws of life.

So the more we grow in the direction of transcending opposites by following the movement of mutuality, the more we will learn to unite with the inner Oneness and the more our cup will be filled.


Excerpted from Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead.

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