The Dark Truth about our Self-Honesty, or Lack Thereof

It was Mark Twain who said there are “ lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Since we know that 67% of all statistics are made up on the spot, let’s turn our attention to our lies and damned lies, which are of course fundamentally linked with our self-honesty.

The important thing to note is that when we are lacking in honesty in any way—when we are not living in truth—we are living in violation of spiritual laws. Now of course this doesn’t mean that to get right with the world, we just shouldn’t tell lies; that is self-understood. The bigger problem—the ‘damned lies’ part—is that we need to stop lying to ourselves.

Lying to ourselves is actually far more dangerous than lying to others, because when we lie to someone else, we know it. As such, we are a step closer to the truth than when we lie to ourselves and don’t even realize it. We do this, not because we can’t see the truth but because we don’t want to see it.

To have completely turned our backs on the truth is a serious violation of God’s spiritual laws. In fact, doing so sets us apart from God. It surrounds us in a dark wall behind which one can never be truly happy. (Not to mention the outer conflicts that such a violation is bound to draw to us.)

Behind this wall we feel lonely and lost, and the only way out is to tear down this dark wall. But where to even start? We must search for the light by looking for what is hidden behind our dark wall. What are the lies we won’t look at? This is exactly where we must search, even if we fear that what we find will be unpleasant.

At first, this work will feel like a tremendous struggle. But after the first few stones come tumbling down, the relief will be even more tremendous. That’s when we will know what it means to be on a spiritual path. That’s when we will realize that doing this work of self-knowing is what really matters.

Living within spiritual laws then—in other words, constantly striving to live in truth—is not something we can do in our sleep. It takes willpower. Meaning, we must marshal our free will and put it to good use. We must look for our impure motives and desires, which often exist side-by-side with our best intentions.

Or we can just keep following the path of least resistance, letting our small-minded self-will lead us along the dark alley of Lower Self. It really is our choice.

Just know this: the more we live in alignment with divine laws—with truth—the more free we will become. The more we break divine laws—hiding behind our stories that attempt to justify our blaming—the more enslaved we will be. Enslaved to what? To Lower Self: the forces that want us to stay hidden behind that dark wall.

—The Guide’s Wisdom, Jill Loree’s Words