We tuck a lot of prideful behaviors behind our ego, including all our defensive strategies—submission, aggression and withdrawal—and their cover-up masks which are intended to hide them—power masks, love masks and serenity masks…These are all tricks of the ego designed to keep us small. No joke, that’s what the ego is going for…

Per the ego, we must stay very afraid. For instance, we fear exposing our real feelings, which denies relating deeply with others. Here are a few more things up the ego’s sleeve: inattentiveness, absentmindedness and lack of concentration. For how can we possibly transcend ourselves if we can’t pay attention?…The tricks of the ego are intended to keep us in isolation…

The way out of this jam is for the ego to overcome its temptation to stay little—to stay put…We must grope in the dark, using whatever parts of ourselves we have at our disposal, to understand how the ego operates and then cut off its funding.


From GEMS: A Multifaceted Collection of 16 Clear Spiritual Teachings


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