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Self-Confidence: Where Does It Come From and How Can We Get More?

“…Neither of these beliefs—either that we must always get what we want, or that we can never get what we want—is real. This means that all our forcing and defending against these wrong conclusions is equally unreal.

Every drive and impulse we put into the service of these imaginary notions will therefore be ineffective and cause further damage. This is what’s covering up our real self and keeping us from walking with self-confidence in the world.”

Mobility in Relaxation: Could this Really be the Answer to Everything?

“If we can calm ourselves down enough to quietly listen to what emanates from the floor of our psyche, we’ll start to see the places where we go in the direction of stagnation, because not moving just seems so darned tempting. That, we think, is the effortless state our soul cries out for.

Or flip that baby over and we’ll find a whirling dervish that can’t stop moving because movement just seems so, well, necessary. To come out of our imbalance, we need to first acknowledge that we harbor such a confused idea about how the world works.”

Searching Inside the Serenity Prayer and Finding God’s Will

“In general, our tendency to be active when being passive would be the wiser choice is what leads to congestion, followed swiftly by frustration. Likewise, we sometimes drop into passive behavior just when being active would be better, leading directly into stagnation.

Where we tend to get into the most trouble is when we bump into people or circumstances that are not to our liking. Sometimes, in fact, they are downright wrong! That’s when we jump into action, just when acceptance is what’s really called for.”

The Pain of Injustice and the Truth about Fairness

“Our struggle stems from the fact that our will is trying to go in two opposite directions. On the one hand, we duck our heads in the sand, fearing and resisting this grand accounting that overlooks nothing. On the other hand, it is our deepest longing to have exactly this piece of knowledge—to experience the truth of this full and fair reckoning; for only in this way will we heal this intense wound of believing that this world is totally unreliable and there really is no justice for all. So what we ardently oppose on the surface, we vigorously long for within.”