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HIDE & SEEK: The Game of Awareness

For many of us, for much of our lives, we’re not aware of how much of ourselves we are hiding. Until that day that something starts to dawn on us, and we begin to turn things around and we start to do some seeking. For hiding and seeking are really two sides of the same coin. HIDE & SEEK explores what it is that we are hiding and how to embark on a path of seeking. Watch on YouTube


TRUTH: A Straight Shot to Loving

There are two words that are synonymous with love: “harmony” and “truth.” For wherever and whenever we are in truth, we will experience harmony and there will be love. This is a formula we can take to the bank. It’s also an equation that works forwards and backwards. TRUTH explores the reality that whenever we experience any disharmony, we are not yet in truth. This is where the rubber meets the road. Watch on YouTube


SHATTERED: Returning to Wholeness

The human psyche is actually a collection of so many disparate parts, what’s most surprising is that our beings hang together at all. So what are these parts made of? And better yet, how do we merge our shattered souls back into wholeness? SHATTERED explores the three main layers of our beings and the way to return ourselves to Oneness. Watch on YouTube


FLYING COLORS: Passing Through Duality

In addition to our unique purpose, we also all share one goal in common: we must learn to overcome the illusion of duality. To do this, we must stop living a life of avoidance, for in the end, we’re controlled by what we avoid. FLYING COLORS explores what this means we all must do to pass through this challenging plane of existence. Watch on YouTube


TURNING OUTSIDE IN: Redirecting the Ego

The ego gets a bad rap in spiritual circles, and often rightly so. For if we are aligned with the ego as being the be all and end all of who we are, we will be forever looking outside ourselves for validation instead of finding it from within. TURNING OUTSIDE IN explores the function of the ego and how to put it to good use. Watch on YouTube


STAINED: Reclaiming the Light

While for many people, the waters of spirituality are flowing along personal lines these days—think meditation, mindfulness and yoga—the concept of religion sure got tarnished along the way. All this is great news for the spiritual development of humanity, but unfortunately, it’s caused many of us to throw out the baby with the bathwater. As a result, Christ, it would seem, needs a rebranding campaign. Stained explores how “Christianity” has turned into a toxic word for so many. Watch on YouTube