Why Are We Here? To Do Our Work

Would it make any sense for the people building hospitals to resent those who get hurt doing something they shouldn’t have done? Or for people creating treatment centers to turn their backs on people in need of recovery? Do builders of schools look down on those who haven’t yet learned what they came to learn? Of course not.

So when we find ourselves here in Earth-school, causing ourselves untold amounts of self-inflicted pain (and so often not yet seeing how we cause it), does it make sense to think that God is surprised at our behavior? When we muck up some aspect of our lives, does it make sense that God thinks less of us? Considering that God created this planet for us to come and do our work of overcoming our faults and negativity, it would be pretty odd for God to look askance at us for being less than perfect.

We were forgiven before we got here.

So then the whole notion that we must ask God to forgive us seems a bit silly. God knows good and well what we’re about, and God is the world’s biggest backer of this plan that allows us to make up our own minds to learn to walk straight. We were forgiven before we got here. It’s us who need to forgive—both ourselves and each other—and then ask for help in getting on with the business of cleaning our own closets.

Speaking of the clean-up crew, does it make sense then that God sent someone to relieve us of our sins. To check the box for us, so to speak, so we can go on with being difficult and unkind, and get away with it? Not on your life. Jesus had bigger fish to fry, as explained in Holy Moly, and nothing he did let us off the hook for doing our own work of self-discovery and self-healing.

No, if we make a mess, it’s on us to clean it up. If we’ve made a habit of zigging when we should zag—for example, choosing options that serve separation when the more difficult but in-the-end rewarding choice for connection was staring us in the face—then we’ve clearly got some lessons yet to learn. For God is truth and God is love, and God is all about connection and finding a way to get along.

Truth is, God is super-glad we came here to figure this out for ourselves. But make no mistake, no one—not even a guy named Jesus—can do this for us. What Jesus did do was open the door so we have the ability to return to God when we’re good and ready. But we must move our feet.

What Jesus did do was open the door so we have the ability to return to God when we’re good and ready.

A spark of the Christ force that Jesus embodied so completely dwells in each and every human heart. So we’re all equipped with an energy source that we can tap into at any time for guidance and direction on how to sort ourselves out. Every day, we get the chance to pull this Higher Self version of ourselves out and wear it on the outside. Or, if we choose, we can stuff it back down under our habitual, selfish Lower Self ways.

Since compassion, cooperation, forgiveness and fairness are the threads that wind through the essence of our core, it actually takes more effort to fight and resent others, and to attempt to destroy harmony by withholding, blaming, accusing and avoiding. We’ve crossed up our wires and come to feel that such negative tactics are the only way to activate our life force—to feel fully alive. And that’s exactly what God knew about us. It’s time for us to come to know this about ourselves. It’s time to do our work.

—Jill Loree


Doing the Work: Healing our Body, Mind and Spirit by Getting to Know the Self