We Zig and We Zag

Over the long haul, whatever happens must be for the good, for that’s how divine laws have been constructed. Basically, when we zag in a direction that opposes God’s will and therefore spiritual laws, we will feel the pinch and be motivated to zig back into line, to course-correct.

These are loving laws we’re talking about, designed to help us steer clear of making wrong choices using our own free will. For every single itty-bitty decision we make, and every attitude we choose or deed we do, is another chance to get right with God by setting ourselves straight with divine laws.

Every itty-bitty decision we make is another chance to get right with God.

There is a spiritual law that says we will always be shown the easiest path forward, given the circumstances at hand. But note, the flip side of this means that the longer it takes us to chart a better course, the more difficult the way will become. We so often observe this in action when we get caught in some vicious Lower-Self habit, and the more caught we become, the harder it is to break free.

The more we keep running from facing up to our inner misunderstandings, and the more we continue to resist changing, the bigger our hurdles become. This keeps going until our life challenges become so insurmountable they bring us to our knees. Our own unhappiness will eventually lead us to want to make a change.


Excerpted from Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead.