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I have combined my favorite questions from the Guide about Religion, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Reincarnation, the Spirit World, Death, Prayer & Meditation and God into a single “Best Of” collection, located on The Guide Speaks website.

You can read the Best of the Q&As Collection online (go to The Guide Speaks website), or download the free PDF of KEYWORDS: Answers to Key Questions Asked of the Pathwork® Guide.

In celebration of Easter, here are some favorites from the section called Jesus Christ.

Is it necessary then for everyone to convert to Christianity?

THE GUIDE: Try, regardless of what religion you belong to, to open your hearts and your minds. Be broadminded! Do not leave the faith you are accustomed to, for that is not necessary unless you wish to do so.

But that does not change the fact that you should open your hearts and not put aside completely the one person to whom you owe most next to God. Do not disregard Christ so easily.

Even if you have doubts, and probably most of you here still have some, consider that it may be this way after all…Read the Rest


How and why did human beings come into existence?

THE GUIDE: After the spirit of Christ, many other creatures came into existence—so many that you could not count them with the numbers you have available in your world. Once I was asked, “Why did God create these beings? Being all-knowing, he must have realized that misery could result from it.” This is indeed an important question, which I would now like to touch on briefly.

God is love and love must share—this is the nature of love. Of course God realized that because he created beings with free will, they could so decide with this free will that misery could come into existence, either permanently or temporarily. Nevertheless, as an indication of his greatness, God created beings who could choose freely with the power given them…Read the Rest


How did these foreign layers come to cover the divine substance that each being originally was?

THE GUIDE: This is the subject of the Fall of the Angels, for another name for these pure, Godlike beings or Holy Ghosts is angels. People often advance the idea that God should not have endowed his creatures with free will for then the Fall could never have happened. Or they claim God at least should have interfered when the Fall started. However, this view is so shortsighted and so blind.

Happiness can only exist for any created being through union with God. And to be in union with God, you must be of the same substance and endowed with the same aspects and qualities. Otherwise you would be unlike God and thus incapable of being in union with him. Free will and free choice entails the possibility of directing free will contrary to divine law.

In choosing freely and correctly and in abstaining from abuse of power lies divinity, love, wisdom, and a number of further divine attributes. It is of utmost importance for all of you to grasp this idea, for then you will be able to answer many questions that so far you may not have understood…Read the Rest


Can you explain the how the concept of free will fits into this?

THE GUIDE: Since one of the most important divine aspects is free will or freedom of choice, this had to turn into its opposite too. The spirit who was the first to succumb to the temptation of abusing this power, the one who is sometimes referred to as Lucifer, Satan, or the devil, who influenced others to follow him, would naturally have been the first one to inhabit the new world that came into existence.

This spirit had complete power over all those who followed him, and, contrary to God, he used this power. God gives the freedom of choice and this has deeper significance than most of you realize. With that freedom necessarily comes the possibility to abuse the given power and to use it contrary to the divine laws.

If no choice were available, there would be no freedom and no power. There can be no divine happiness, in fact, no divinity at all, if it cannot be attained or maintained by free choice. By the same token, the opposite of God and his laws must be the prohibition of free choice and the domination of the stronger over the weaker ones…Read the Rest


How did our journey to this planet called Earth begin?

THE GUIDE: The spheres of darkness first came into existence where the spirits lived under the dominion of Lucifer. In the beginning, there was no longing for or sense of the light they had once possessed. Only after tasting the self-chosen medicine for a considerable time—that is, experiencing a state of desolation—did a vague longing for something else—they did not quite know for what—take hold of some of these beings…The world in which you are now living is the product of the desire to strive higher. Here conditions exist in which spiritual development can proceed, and in which a free choice for God can be made—which is impossible in the worlds of darkness…Read the Rest


There are two theories in the world today. The scientific world says that man evolved from the fish through the amphibian and reptilian stages to the mammalian stage of today, and here is the human race today after billions of years of developing life on Earth. The other theory, which is often held by religious people, is that God created each species in itself on the Earth. Which is correct?

THE GUIDE: The way of evolution is correct. You see, it is a very gradual process. You must not imagine that this is a sudden appearance. It is a very gradual thing that these prehistoric human shapes, little by little, gradually changed into the present human form. So it is not one human being in the present form who suddenly appears. No. Evolution is a very gradual process…Read the Rest


Why does so much of this sound more like a story than the truth?

THE GUIDE: You must all realize, my friends, that I can give you only a very rough outline of all this. This touches the very greatest questions, which cannot be fully understood by any human being, for both human language and human understanding are too limited. Therefore, as a rule I do not even like to talk much about all this because the main thing for you is to learn to know your own soul and to develop it spiritually.

However, human beings often wonder about these fundamental questions, not merely in a spirit of superficial curiosity, but in good faith. And ignorance and wrong conceptions of some of these points may seriously hinder your development. This is why I have been charged to give this series of lectures…Read the Rest


So then what is the truth about the life of Jesus? In what way has Jesus Christ saved humanity? In what way was his deed the greatest? What was the purpose of his life on Earth, his one-time incarnation?

THE GUIDE: The purpose of his life was not only to spread his teachings. For true and beautiful as they are, basically the same teachings could be found elsewhere too, though perhaps in another form. So this was certainly not the only purpose.

The second purpose of his life, though still not the main one, was to show symbolically, through his life and death, the course and the stages of development for each person who wants to regain the kingdom of heaven. Periods of testing, trials, faith in God in times of adversity, crucifixion of the personal ego with its vanity and self-will—all this was symbolized by the body of Jesus.

The two purposes mentioned here can be considered as accompaniments to the main purpose he had to fulfill. I should like to tell you what salvation by Jesus Christ really means. Very few people indeed realize its full significance, least of all the organized churches who have almost completely misunderstood what salvation is…Read the Rest


What is the role of the Virgin Mary from the spiritual point of view?

THE GUIDE: The spirit of the woman you call the Virgin Mary is a very highly developed spirit, a spirit who has never belonged to the Fall. Jesus Christ could not have been born out of an impure spirit. And the purity of this spirit led to the misunderstanding of the meaning of the “immaculate conception,” which refers to her unfallen nature.

Each error in the various religions has some background that makes the error understandable. Through spirit communication, humanity was told that Jesus’ mother was a pure spirit—which could not have been otherwise. From this communication arose the misunderstanding that purity means sexual purity, and that the mother of Jesus gave birth as a virgin in the physical sense. That is the whole misunderstanding…Read the Rest


Christian religions place a lot of emphasis on the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why is that?

THE GUIDE: One aspect of this is the misconception that stems from the inherent fear of physical death. People want to believe in a physical continuation of life. Therefore, they need to interpret Jesus Christ’s reappearance as a physical resurrection.

The other aspect has a much deeper and wider significance. This symbolism is explained extensively in Lecture #82 The Conquest of Duality Symbolized in the Life and Death of Jesus (Chapter 5, Grappling with Duality, in Holy Moly). It contains the deepest wisdom and truth, but in symbolic form. Jesus Christ’s resurrection teaches symbolically that if you do not flee from your fear of death, suffering and the unknown, but go through it, you will truly have life in its deepest sense, while you are still in the body…Read the Rest


The Bible does not account for Christ’s life between approximately the ages of 12 and 30. It is reported that during his teens and early twenties, Christ went through training in secret orders. Then he conducted a worldwide ministry before returning to the Middle East to conduct the last period of his life mentioned in the Bible. Is this true?

THE GUIDE: Jesus traveled widely during certain phases and periods of his life. The training came much more from his own inner channel with God, the Creator of all that is. But he spent some time with some sects, secret orders, and other more esoterically oriented religious schools.

His purpose was to supplement what they were lacking, and also to bring—in forms that were acceptable and comprehensible to his own culture—some of the truths of these other orientations. He unified truths of various cultures that first appeared contradictory. Even pagan cultures contained some values and truths that came directly from God.

Jesus Christ was and is and always will be the great unifier. By his presence, he left his breath on those other cultures and religions that could never be wiped out, no matter how little he was consciously understood or his influence and his teachings perpetuated on an intellectual level. This was one of the great purposes of his travels…Read the Rest


The early Christians faithfully followed these words, seeking to convey the Gospel of salvation through Christ to the entire world, even at the risk of their lives. Much of the Christian church, to this day, takes these words very seriously as defining its mission.

The norm in spiritual circles is to not preach to others, but to respect each individual’s beliefs. Was the early church’s task different from ours today?

THE GUIDE: You must understand that in the time of Jesus’ life, his teachings were revolutionary in many ways and it was necessary to have them widely heard. They were new concepts that man’s mentality had to familiarize himself with. At that time of general development and the evolution of consciousness, the inner and more subtle levels were not yet accessible to human awareness. The truth of Christ and the Christ consciousness had to offer primarily new thoughts, new understanding, new vision of spiritual law and, many times, new actions and behavior.

As evolution proceeds and as a result of the tremendous impact of Jesus’ life on mankind, it proceeded faster than at any previous period of human life, and approaches have to change in order to be effective. What was then a divine act of risk and courage, what electrified the deeper thinkers and imposed the stretching of the mind into new dimensions, is today nothing more than a redundant confirming of often stale and rigidified authority.

If you proselytized then, not only the proselytizer, but he who listened and followed, took a risk for the truth. Today he would not be taking any risk, but he would be praised by authority who would find itself in the same role as the Pharisees then, who opposed the new concepts brought by Jesus Christ. Those who need the ever renewing truth of Christ most, who most sincerely search for deeper and now more appropriate ways, would be untouched and unhelped by the means that were then important and right.

Today, spreading the light of Christ can be accomplished by living eternal truths on the deepest most subtle levels, rather than merely by way of mouth. For this you require a path of inner self-development. When more and more individuals are spiritually mature and ready enough for such a venture, a new society will be created that will live more in accordance with the injunctions of the Christ consciousness…Read the Rest

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