About Scott Wisler

Co-Author of Word for Word: An Intimate Exchange between a Couple of Kindred Souls

Scott Wisler is a man of many words, a hopeful romantic, and a lover of the everyday pleasures in living a good life. Raised in Ohio with Midwest manners and a healthy dose of neighborly kindness, he’s seldom shy and typically quick to find a way to connect with others. He once yelled “O-H” loudly in the Dubai airport, and was gratified to hear a distant echo of “I-O” called back to him.

Educated with masters degrees in both mechanical and aerospace engineering, he has spent his career building engines that run well. Lately, he prefers to work on the kind that also run clean, hoping to contribute to the environmental healing of the planet.

Scott is a spiritual seeker who embraces the teachings of the Pathwork Guide along with many other spiritual luminaries, and embodies what it means to walk straight in the world. He carries light with him wherever he goes—whether to a drum circle or a high-level business meeting—and is forever searching to find new ways to help light emerge more fully into corporate environments.

To contact this author, please send a message via Jill Loree.