Searching for Truth? Build Bridges, Not Cases

The search for truth is not just a noble cause, it’s the only real cause there is. For once we are living in truth, we’re home free. Once we stand in truth, we are no longer the victim of a faulty system built on error of any kind.

After all, every disharmony in life always stems from some kind of distortion of truth. Every. Single. One. So our aim must always be to sort things out and live in truth.

Clarity, then, is the signature of a spiritually developed person who is standing in their own truth. Confusion is a sign there are still clouds in our awareness we have yet to part.

Who’s to say who is right and who is wrong?

As such, it’s both valiant and understandable that so many people today are scratching at the surface of what we’re being told, digging hard to figure out what’s true. For it’s no secret that lies have become the order of the day and we, the public, are being fed a lot of them.

It’s not surprising then that, in the wake of the global pandemic, it hasn’t taken long for many people to ring the bell of “clarity,” having discovered: “Aha, I knew it was all a pack of lies!”

The question then arises: Who’s to say who is right and who is wrong?

Actually, there’s a way to know whether or not we are truly in the know: We can look to see if we found our clarity by building a case. For any time we are busy building cases—against other people, organizations, ideas, you name it—we’ve stepped over the edge into cloudy territory.

Enter the Ego

Every single human being has an ego. It’s what gathers together our many disparate inner parts and holds us together so we can walk through the world. The ego itself is not the problem, but what the ego does for a living can cause us problems. For the job of the ego is to think, sort, decide and act appropriately in any situation that comes up.

Our ability to do this well depends entirely on where our ego is getting its marching orders. Which of our many inner parts is the ego listening to? Given all the many inner voices we hear clamoring for our attention, finding the right voice to follow isn’t always easy to do. Actually, it’s often rather difficult.

Which of our many inner parts is the ego listening to?

For the loudest inner voices we hear are not the wisest. They are the ones telling us to follow the path of least resistance, to behave in ways that go against our own best interest, and to build walls of separation. These are just a few of the signature moves of what we could call our Lower Self. What’s the common denominator of all these things? Untruth. The Lower Self is not in truth.

So yep, figuring out the truth matters. A lot.

The quieter inner voice that’s much harder to hear is the one of our wise, courageous, loving inner self—our Higher Self. This is the part of us that is always in truth and does not resist unwinding untruth wherever it finds it. This is the part of us that knows peace, because being in truth has a way of unraveling every disharmony and resolving every conflict.

This is our inner divine spark that’s never been fazed by any of our earthly troubles. This is the part that’s truly worth searching for, and it can only be found by an ego that is strong enough to do the hard work of parting all our inner clouds and finding the unwavering light shining brightly behind them.

The ego’s job, then, is to search. It must find all our faults and uncover our inner distortions that are preventing us from standing in our light—from finding the rich nougat of our core where truth flows abundantly. But we can never reach this glorious inner space as long as we avoid sifting through the contents of our inner storms.

The ego must uncover our inner distortions that are preventing us from standing in our light.

What we’re seeing in the world today are misdirected egos that, instead of searching within to find this divine center, are searching “out there” to figure out who is lying.

The problem with this is that the ego does not have truth teller in its job description. It flat-out lacks the depth needed for such a task. The ego’s primary function is to point. When it does this well, it locks on to the truthful inner voice of our Higher Self, and then all is well. From there we will be able to spot untruth readily. From there we will know where and how to take the right action in our outer world to help realign our wrongful outsides with our truthful insides.

Things go sideways for the ego when it falls down on the job it’s intended for, and it stops searching for where untruth lives inside us. When this happens, it starts building cases against the outside world and then fights against unjustice as it finds it “out there” in the world.

It’s not that there isn’t unjustice out there—it’s that the untruth originates within and the ego is not spotting it. And it is through such a blind spot that imposters are able to walk into our awareness. What exactly do these imposters do? They fill our minds with trumped-up untruths that masquerade as “truth.” And we are seeing this happening all around us today.

The Endless Hunt for Truth

Everything that’s negative is a distortion of something that was originally divine and positive, and these imposters are no different. If we look, not at what they are telling us but at what they are trying to show us, we can start to see a clearer picture. For they are pointing out an important truth: If our egos are not effectively working in our best interest—guiding us to listen to our truthful, inner Higher Self—then we are opening ourselves to being deceived.

Make no mistake, these imposters are not slouches. Their story lines are compelling and they fire us up to seemingly fight the good fight. But they are also steering people off course.

The biggest problem here is that the ego is the chooser—”Which inner voice is speaking the truth?”—but the ego has no depth of its own. So from the vantage point of the ego, we will not be able to parse truth “out there” if we are not standing in truth within. Our questioning will only lead to more questions and ultimately to less faith we live in a safe world where we can relax. And yet finding peace was the whole point of our searching.

The biggest problem: the ego has no depth of its own.

So then the search-and-find mission our ego has gone on—where we were hoping to suss out the truth, once and for all—will never end. Worse, our ego mind will go chasing down rabbit holes that will lead us further from our inner divine core, not nearer to the truth. If we do discover any truth by going this route, it will still leave us uncertain. Therefore it will not settle our soul. It will not bring us peace.

This is the real litmus test: Does our identification of truth—our conclusion that all of it is lies, for example—heighten our tension, our does it bring us the sigh of relief that can only come from realizing genuine inner truth?

Which Part Builds Cases?

So if our outer search for truth—the ego-led search party that’s attempting to hunt down every lie—isn’t ever going to work, what will? The place to start is by taking apart our cases, brick by brick, and seeing how they are what separate us from our own inner selves. For every case built by our Lower Self—the inner part that tells us it is keeping us safe, but which really wants to trick us into staying separate—creates an inner moat surrounding the truth we’re so desperate to find.

Our Higher Self rests in the truth of oneness, where there is no conflict. No conflict, no case.

By contrast, our Higher Self will never build a case. It’s already rests in the truth of oneness, and so in this part of our being—in our light-filled divine center—there is no conflict. No conflict, no case.

The real work we must do is the difficult inner work of discovering where we are harboring untruths that are locking us out of our own inner home. All these teachings from the Pathwork Guide are pointing us in this direction, showing us how to go about building bridges across our inner moats.

This is how we wake up. This is how we move, one step at a time, toward living a fulfilling life. This is how we unwind an empty life built on the endless strivings of a limited ego.

What’s one of the first tools to pick up? We must become willing to stop building cases. We can also start to notice when someone else is building a case, and stop biting the hook. And who is this part that is doing this noticing? That’s our ego…doing its job.

–Jill Loree

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