Communication and Exposure: Two Hallmarks of this New Era

At various intervals, our world is swept with a new influx that comes streaming in. When this happens, it is because humanity has grown enough to be ready for it. This is what is happening now. As we enter fully into this new era, a new consciousness is now permeating this world, attempting to penetrate each person’s consciousness to a greater and greater degree.

When this powerful influx arrives, it is accompanied by certain things that may not be pleasant, agreeable, welcome or even constructive. Events happening on Earth right now that most people consider to be downright undesirable are a direct result of the influx of this energy. But in truth, without this, the expansion and growth in consciousness inherent in this new era couldn’t happen.

This powerful influx is accompanied by things that may not be pleasant.

Our minds are still very much geared to the immediate future. We believe that what is right and good in this moment will also be right and good in the ultimate end. If something appears right now to be evil, it must also be evil in the long run. This, however, is seldom the case. Sometimes, what appears to be an outright negative manifestation was actually needed for full development to happen. This applies to each person as equally as it applies to humanity as a whole, or to put it another way, to the entity that is Earth.


There are some specific things that accompany this new influx. One of them is communication, which develops as a consciousness evolves. To the extent a spiritual being has grown, there will also be an ability to communicate, which includes the ability to listen and to express ourselves appropriately and adequately. If our development is impaired, our ability to communicate will be limited.

So it is that we see many people who cannot or will not even try to express in words what they are thinking and feeling. Such individuals either have too much pride, or they demand that others understand them without their having to make an effort to be understood. For making ourselves understandable does require some labor. But the art of communication can and must be learned by everyone. Doing so will ask us to cooperate, using our goodwill and positive intentionality.

Let’s examine this some more, starting at the outermost level. It’s not a coincidence that a major outcome of today’s technology is communication. Even if this level of communication only applies to outer events, it still has a big impact on the inner levels of our souls. First off, it brings us much closer together. In bygone eras, there was a much greater sense of separation because of how far apart people were. Their inability to communicate created the illusion that other people were inherently different—alien. Enemies, therefore, were not to be trusted. But when we discover that, regarding the basics of life—suffering and longing, living and dying—others are just like us, then much of the fear is eliminated. Then the illusion and the enmity go away. This contributes greatly to humanity’s growing movement toward unity.

Making ourselves understandable does require some labor.

Our spiritual growth is fueled by our knowledge of what is happening in the world. In the past, our isolation and separateness made the world seem vast—too vast for us to take it in. Our personal tragedies seemed unique, so we had no sense of sisterhood or brotherhood. Today, even the most unspiritual people are able to experience the whole world in a different way. The planet doesn’t seem so foreign or strange. Just knowing about the events happening in other parts of the world right now creates an expanded overall awareness, and that has an impact on the development of a soul.

Technology, then, is not in opposition to living a spiritual life or to becoming spiritually developed. Too often though it is misdirected and abused, and so it is viewed as being an obstacle to our spirituality. Once again we can see how everything on Earth and in the universe is an expression of divine will. This is how creation can and does serve the great plan. It’s not possible to create something here that doesn’t have roots in the Spirit World. All evil—all demonic manifestations—can only be misused divine creations. They are always distortions and can never be self-creative.

We now have the ability to witness the events happening for brothers and sisters around the globe, and our ability to share their experiences with them has an important impact on us. Plus, our ability to move fairly quickly from one corner of the world to another allows us to approach the laws of the world of spirit, where movement is one with thought and therefore simultaneous.

The way we reveal ourselves is what makes communication an art.

Communication is indeed a highly important byproduct of becoming more spiritually advanced. As we grow, we also improve our ability to communicate on more subtle levels. We can follow psychological approaches that enhance our awareness of ourselves, and when we understand ourselves better, we can communicate better. For as long as we’re in the dark about our own feelings, needs and true reactions—not to mention clueless about what is going on in someone else—it’s not possible to create a bridge with them in any significant way.

All of that said, attempting to explain ourselves is not enough. The way we reveal ourselves is what makes communication an art. If we communicate our explanation in a way that accuses and blames, we will only build a bigger wall. But if, instead, we focus on simply telling the other what we feel and what we need, sharing our assumptions and impressions in an open, questioning spirit—without an insistence that our perceptions are in truth—then we will be able to find true understanding. We can communicate in a way that establishes truth while being clear and standing in the light. By practicing communicating, we learn the skill of communicating well, and in this way we foster unity and love.


There is another important thing arriving with this new influx: exposure. Once again we can see this aspect showing up in both individuals and in the collective. It’s so obvious, it would be hard to miss this one. Through the developments in psychology and more recently, through people doing profound spiritual work, exposure of the self has gone to depths never before seen. The exceptions are the small number of initiates who have been forming small groups of followers in different cultures all along.

Now we are ready to expose deeper levels of ourselves than we have done before, by a large margin. Even those with the least amount of self-knowing have achieved a certain amount of awareness, such that these deeper levels can now help determine their lives. Many of us may at this time take this for granted, but it has by no means always been this way.

It is through the combination of communication and exposure that we now have a greater ability to explore ourselves. Our willingness to explore is what opens doors to communication and our ability to communicate leads to oneness—to align with the great force of Christ spirit that is sweeping through our world.

Refusing exposure is a sign we have a stake in propping up a rotten structure.

It’s clear that our refusal to expose our inner selves leads to isolation. And so the resistance to exposure persists. What does it mean when we refuse exposure? It is always a sign we have a stake in propping up a rotten structure—a structure that needs to be torn down and replaced. In our unwillingness lies a clear wish to keep living a lie. What’s the way out? Dedicating ourselves to the truth. This is what will bring us the courage we need to expose and change.

If we don’t do it willingly, it will be done for us, as secret matters will be exposed by means of outside forces. A crisis will occur that will bring them to the surface. Once the new influx is set into motion, the force of it cannot be halted. The more opposition it runs into, the more painful will the crisis be.

We can now clearly observe this in public life. In recent times, we are seeing hidden destructiveness being exposed and then communicated with the public. Again it is obvious that something new is happening. We have never seen it happen to the same degree before, or in the same way. And it is continuing. We can see that something new has been set into motion. Through a combination of communication and exposure, the entire world now knows of political and corporate misdeeds that would have been kept secret in the past.

–Jill Loree

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