EARTH: The Plan of Creation

Part Two | How Evolution Dovetails with Divinity

Deep sorrow now prevailed in Heaven among the spirits who had not fallen. For the second Fall was a bitter disappointment for them as well. Once again, God discussed the situation with Christ the King. Christ would need to bring into effect the second part of the plan for the return of the fallen spirits.

This path would be much longer—and harder. But it would create a way for every spirit from every level of Hell to work their way back home. Not just for those who had fallen less far, as was the case for first route through Paradise. But for all this to happen, a new world had to be created.

The Plan of Creation

Following the failure of the first part of the sevenfold Plan of Creation, the remaining six stages needed to be formulated more thoroughly. Note, this is the origin of the erroneous notion that the world was created in seven days. In reality, it was created through seven stages. And it took billions of years before any kind of life could be brought here to Earth.

Christ the King examined every plan.

Christ called together angelic beings endowed with exceptional creative talents and capabilities, and discussed his father’s plans with them. Together, they would create a place where human beings could live and be put to the test. Building on their good will, people would be allowed to work their way up, step by step, and develop further.

Eventually, the angelic artists brought forward beautiful ideas for how to construct this new world. Christ the King examined every plan and contributed new ideas. This is why it is right to say that everything we now experience came into existence through Christ. God had shown him how it could be done, and Christ made it all come true.

In the beginning, when it was time for life to take hold on Earth, there were only low forms of life that came into existence. Links with other planets were also established, and their inherent energy was amalgamated with Earth’s. Then it was time to animate life on Earth, which was a process only God could bring about. This seventh and final part of the plan of creation has been mistakenly reported in the Bible as the day the Lord rested.

Slowly the Earth Cooled

What started as a glowing ball had to then cool off. But this was not a uniform process. Different parts of the world were affected differently. So lava still erupted in some regions and oceans were not yet divided. Rock masses were very much in upheaval meaning earthquakes shook everything. Everywhere was rock, mud, fire and water, but there was not yet life.

Then the point was finally reached when creative spirits of God were called forth. They were sent to a particular part of this world to introduce life. Because of their purity, they possessed great creative power. And they used it now to sow divine seeds throughout Earth for the bringing forth of life. This is the life that was destined for this planet. Later, human life would arrive.

To make this all possible, certain angels visited the higher regions of Hell. That’s where the less culpable spirits could be found. Some fallen brothers and sisters were taken from this realm into a temporary sphere—a limbo, if you will. There they would stay until it was time to incarnate on Earth. No one knew what this new way would entail. But all were looking forward to being delivered from the violence of Hell.

While the former Light-bearer may have lost all his beauty, Lucifer still wielded great power.

In addition, the angelic hosts also passed through the terrible depths of Hell. From there they selected spiritual beings who had burdened themselves heavily at the time of the Fall. Lucifer was powerless to prevent this exodus, even though everyone banished to darkness was under his dominion. For he also knew it was God who had initiated this punishment by enacting the Fall. And he knew that eventually all would make their way back to God.

That said, Lucifer had successfully sabotaged the test in Paradise. So he logically figured he could once again destroy our lives on Earth, and thereby win. He is, after all, in human terms, wickedly cunning, shrewd and intelligent. Plus he retains certain psychic powers which, since he was originally a prince of the highest order, could not be taken from him.

So while the former Light-bearer may have lost all his beauty, Lucifer still wielded great power and the ability to control others by conjuring up illusions. Nonetheless, it was impossible for him to resist the divine beings who entered his hellish realms and removed particular spirits here and there.

So how long did all of this take? In terms of timing, it might take humans as long to work their way home to Heaven as it took the Earth to become ready to host them. Indeed, it might take as long as the epoch in Heaven during which Lucifer lured and seduced so many to follow him. In other words, an immeasurably long time.

Evolution Eventually Led to Humans

The hand-selected burdened beings were then transformed and condensed in such a way that they could be incarnated into material bodies. When the divine beings first created the world of animals, they provided a home for the lowest spiritual beings. Millions of years later, the Earth’s crust was stable enough for higher forms of life. And in this way, Earth was finally ready to fulfill its ultimate purpose. Meaning the Earth sphere was eventually open for occupation by human spirits.

But before this could happen, of course, more primitive forms of life had to grow and evolve. Here’s how things proceeded: After their death, animals would return to their original point of departure and await their next incarnation. Diving beings would receive them and watch for when it would be time for them to return. That same being would return time and time again.

At last, the spirit of one particular highly developed animal was considered ready to make the leap and embody a new higher phase of life. And so it was that high-level angels, acting under Christ’s direction, applied their creative talents to fashioning a human body from an existing animal body. The spiritual essence of this animal, which had now reached a more refined state, was to be that of a human being. But at first, it was a human body that lacked animation.

In order to bring it to life, the angels drew on their own creative power, along with life force taken from the animal body plus that culled from plants, water, air and earth. All this, when combined together with divine power, endowed the first human form with vitality and the ability to move. And the being who occupied this body? It was once again Adam, the former prince of Heaven.

Divine Spirits Are Always Guiding Us

By anyone’s standards, Adam’s lifestyle was extremely primitive. Earth was still going through upheaval and the man had no roof over his head. Indeed, when he first awoke in this inhospitable environment he was surrounded by only plants and animals, and the climate was harsh. Adam needed protection from animals as well as the extremes of heat and cold, since fires could flare up anywhere and water could come gushing up from the bowels of Earth.

Divine spirits guided him every step of the way, having passed some of their own odic force onto him and thereby giving him some measure of spiritual power. In fact, it was through this connection that he could make contact with those beings who had given it to him. This is how Adam was able to communicate with divine spirits.  

Limited by his reduced human faculties, Adam couldn’t perceive them in their full radiance, but by lowering the vibrational rate of their spiritual bodies, Adam could see them and speak with them. He was able to know they were emissaries of God and that they were there to help him deal with the difficulties of life on Earth.

Divine spirits guided him every step of the way.

Of course he didn’t arrive with the gift of speech, so they began to teach him the basics of language. By teaching him certain signs and words, he could start to express himself. These would be important down the road, as he wouldn’t always be alone. He was led to understand that a companion would be arriving, and he should make the necessary preparations for her. Communication, for example, would be needed.  

The divine spirits advised him on preparing animal skins for use in making clothing and building shelter, and they showed him how to make some rudimentary tools. A few years later, Eve arrived. The story that she was fashioned from one of his ribs is about as inept as the story about the apple. Yet in some way, odic force from Adam was, in fact, used in combination with other sources to create her body and bring her to life.

Again, high angels accessed the creative power of God to bring this about. Before long, the incessant battle to attain their daily bread became their primary concern. When their children were born, divine beings again helped them to raise their offspring and then send them off to establish their own families in various regions.

This is how life on Earth came to be. While many other spheres exist where spiritual beings do the work required to return home to God—many, many come after this sphere and some others come before it—God has created no other planet with the same conditions as those found on Earth.

–Jill Loree

This Three-Part Series has been adapted from The Guide Speaks, Q&As with the Pathwork Guide: Earth Conditions; Pathwork Guide Lecture #120: The Individual and Humanity, and Jesus: New Insights into His Life and Mission, “Chapters: The Creation of Paradise, The Great Test, The Second Fall, The Expulsion from Paradise, The Creation of Earth, and The Creation of Man,” by Walther Hinz.

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