How to Use Our Mind to Wake Up

Now the question comes up, “What’s a person like, in this new era?” The new person will be a receptacle for the divine consciousness. The new person doesn’t function from their habitual thoughts. For century after century, we humans have been developing our intellect. This had to be cultivated so our ego mind could fulfill its role in becoming an important stepping stone in the evolution of humanity. But by now, through our overemphasis, we’ve overshot the mark. This doesn’t mean it’s now time to revert back to being blind, only following our emotional “desire-nature.” What it means instead is that it’s time to learn how to use our mind to wake up. It’s time to open up to a higher realm of consciousness inside us, and let this light shine. Our true self is ready to unfold.

There was a time in history when it was very hard for people to think. We couldn’t sort out situations, weigh ideas, hang onto information, remember what we had been taught—in short, we didn’t know how to use our brains. Back then, the use of our mental faculties was as difficult for us as it now seems to be to contact our Higher Self.

For ages, people have believed that intellectual abilities represent the highest form of development. Many still believe this.

In this new era, the new person will have established a new inner balance. And in this new system, we don’t want to leave out the intellect. It’s an important instrument that must continue to serve us, and now become unified with the greater consciousness.

For ages, people have believed that intellectual abilities represent the highest form of development. Many still believe this. Such people don’t make any effort, then, to journey deeper or further into their inner nature where, if they looked, they would find a far greater treasure.

That said, many spiritual movements have sprung up that practice completely inactivating and discarding the mind. This is just as undesirable, because rather than unifying us, it creates splits. Although each of these extremes has some validity, each has gotten lost in half-truths.

Let’s look at another example. In the past, people were irresponsible and undisciplined, behaving more like beasts to satisfy their immediate desires. They were driven by their desires and their emotions, not by morals or ethics. So during that stage in our development, developing our intellect was helpful and served a function. Our intelligence could then serve as a sharp tool for learning and making choices.

But when it stops there, the whole thing turns into a farce. For this is what happens when a person is not animated by their divinity—they become a farce. By the same token, it’s a good idea to practice temporarily inactivating the mind, and doing so is also recommended as part of these teachings. But to treat our mind as though it’s the devil—and to therefore try to oust it from our life—is really missing the point.

Any time we are caught in either extreme, we are not full. For we need to have all our faculties functioning in good working order if we want to express our divinity. Without our mind, we turn into a passive amoeba. Conversely, when the mind is credited with being our highest faculty, we turn into a hyperactive robot. The mind is then nothing more than a computerized machine.

In the new era, the mind has to express the feminine principle of receptivity.

We can only be truly alive when we are able to wed the mind with the spirit, allowing the mind to express the feminine principle every once in a while. Up until now, we have linked the mind with the masculine principle, which is all about action, drive and control. In the new era, the mind has to express the feminine principle of receptivity.

Becoming receptive does not mean that we now become passive. In some ways, we will be more active, for we will become more independent than we were before. For when our mind receives inspiration from the God-consciousness within, we must put this into action. But our actions will be harmonious and effortless—rather than like a cramp.

When we allow our mind to be receptive, we are allowing our mind to be filled with the higher spirit that resides within us. From here, we will function completely differently, as life will be forever new and exciting. Our routines will not become ruts. Nothing will become stale. Nothing will be redundant.

For our spirits are always alive and forever changing and renewing themselves. This is the kind of energy and experience that can flow more and more from our center, where the new influx is moving so strongly.

–Jill Loree

From After the Ego: Insights from the Pathwork® Guide on How to Wake Up, Chapter 12: Creating from Emptiness.

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