How to “Win” at the Game of Life

In recent years, there have been a number of popular movies based on the premise that life is a game. In the Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner series, we watch heroes and heroines fight for their lives, battling against unknown forces. The plot thickens when they discover that behind the scenes there is a Game Maker who 1) created their world, and 2) is watching them.

If this were really true—if there really is a Game Maker for life who is watching our every move—why don’t they stop the game? After all, lots of people aren’t having much fun. Turns out, there’s a good reason for this. According to the rich teachings from the Pathwork Guide, we are the ones who started the Game of Life, so we are the ones who need to end it.

How to win at the game of life.

There are four key aspects of the Game of Life that we must understand if we want to wake up and end this game:

1 The Start of the Game
2 How To Play the Game
3 The Goal of the Game
4 The End of the Game

1 The Start of the Game of Life

Why are we here? What is the starting point of the Game of Life? It’s actually outside the boundaries of time, and our minds aren’t wired to comprehend this. So we’ll need to use our imagination. Once upon a time, then, long, long ago—before the game came into existence—we were all living in harmony as spirit beings. Each of us had been created with certain valuable gifts, which we used to serve our king and our kingdom.

The divine creator of our kingdom was—and still is—God. A good way to describe God is “life and life force.” One day, God decided to create a being. For while God may be many things, God is first and foremost love. And love must have something to love.

The first being God created was Christ, a divine being of light. From there, Christ went on to create all other beings. This means that at our core, our essence is Christ’s light. The very first being Christ created was Lucifer, whose name means “bearer of light.” After that, more beings were created than we have numbers to count.

Since every being was aligned with the light, we didn’t need rules to make us behave. But God did make one special request: We were to obey Christ as our king. Now note, this really wasn’t a hardship, for Christ was loving in all ways. So when he visited each of the realms in his kingdom, everyone always welcomed him and his glorious light with open arms.

Lucifer too would visit all the kingdoms, and he too received a spectacularly warm reception. But the applause, let’s say, wasn’t quite as loud as when we welcomed our king. Over time, Lucifer became jealous of Christ and wanted God to make him King. Lucifer, then, was the first to disobey God.

Eventually—like, over billions and billions of years—the highly charismatic Lucifer convinced each of us to support him in his bid to become our king. All of us who are human beings, then, also disobeyed God. There were many other spiritual beings who remained true to Christ and God.

Every single being was given plenty of chances to stay true. Nonetheless, after careful consideration, we each chose to align with Lucifer. And so it was that we were each secretly marked. When the time came for the Fall, all who were marked were swept out of heaven and cast into darkness. When that happened, every positive quality we possessed turned into its negative opposite.

This separation was the start of the game.

The Game Board

The game board we are currently playing on is this dualistic planet we call Earth. Earth actually came into being in response to our longing to return to the light. It was God and Christ who set this creation into motion, giving us a place to come and do our work of healing and transforming ourselves back to lightness. For this is what must happen in order for us to get back home. Darkness opposes the light, after all, and is therefore not compatible with heaven. So we can’t return to heaven until we clean up our dark aspects.

Before coming here, we were trapped in darkness. By contrast, on this plane of existence we are exposed to both the light and the dark. Case in point, great beings of light have always been able to come to Earth to teach us. Historically, we have sometimes called them prophets. What’s more, whether we know it or not, invisible beings of light are always available to guide us and encourage us to choose the light.

At the same time, beings from the dark spheres are here as well. Their mission is to tempt us to veer toward the dark side. They do this by infiltrating our thoughts and encouraging hateful actions. If we are half-asleep, we will unknowingly follow them and feel enlivened by our negativity. But this kind of aliveness feels awful, which of course is the opposite of awesome.

2     How To Play the Game

In the beginning of the game, we are lacking in awareness. As a result, we don’t see cause and effect, so we think we are a victim and easily get lost in blame. Having forgotten that we made this choice to turn our backs on Christ, we also don’t see that we are still making choices that are not aligned with the light. In short, we rebel and we resist, and we fight against pain.

As we play the Game of Life—by way of many, many incarnations—we gain more and more awareness. Our vision slowly clears and we start to see cause and effect; we begin to connect our circumstances to our choices. Gradually, we come to realize that if we are experiencing personal disharmony, somehow we are not in truth.

Then we go to work, returning our negativity to its original positive form. We unravel our resistance and release the feelings behind our rebelliousness. Next we unwind our negative intention to stay blind and stuck in darkness. We realign with truth.

The Rules of the Game

There are an infinite number of spiritual laws that govern the rules for the Game of Life. They guide us in finding our light by making it unpleasant—if not downright painful—to align with the dark. Here are a few of the guiding principles we’re living by.

First, in any learning opportunity—also known as “problems in life”—we will always be given the easiest way forward. But when we refuse and resist, deny and avoid, the way must become harder. This provides motivation for learning our lessons sooner rather than later. So know this: If life seems particularly difficult for us, we have been turning a blind eye for a very long time.

Second, we can’t cheat life. Said more correctly, we can try to cheat life but life will not be cheated. So we can try to find pleasure by avoiding pain, but eventually we must figure out this doesn’t actually work. Some people may try to find comfort through distractions, only to discover escape is not really possible. Others may try to find happiness through false means only to learn their addictions bring no lasting joy.

Bottom line, there is no shortcut to winning at life. If another person seems to have an easier path than us, it’s because they have already made the necessary effort, quite possibly in a previous lifetime.

And that brings us to a third important spiritual law: We must make an effort. When we fall for the maneuvers of our Lower Self, we are “following the path of least resistance.” When we follow the quieter voice of our Higher Self, we call this “doing the work.” It is always going to be easier to stay blind and stuck. But the apparent short-term luxury of being lazy is never really worth it in the long run.

Fourth, we cannot skips steps. It doesn’t work to pretend to be further along on our path than we are. Each step that’s missed—each difficult feeling we avoid, each misunderstanding that’s not enlightened—must eventually be faced. Spiritual bypass is nothing more than an attempt to game the system of life, which never works.

3     The Goal of the Game

What is the goal of this game? To create connection. In the end, we want to be in unity inside and out so we can live in inner and outer harmony. Our goal, then, is not just to reach the end of life and get this over with. Rather, we’re speaking about fulfilling our destiny by completing our journey home, during which we must travel through this temporary life-and-death dimension. In the bigger picture, there is never an end to life.

Along the way, we will need to develop the ability to hold opposites, because transcending duality is the way to live in unity. To become whole and unified, we’ll also need to reunite our inner fragmented parts. For we have aspects that fractured during childhood. Our goal at the time was to cut off feelings of pain, but we unintentionally cut off aspects of ourselves. Now, if we want to heal, we must reunite our scattered psyche.

Within and among these fragments there is chaos. For while our divine nature is peaceful, in our split-off nature we are destructive and cruel. We rebel against authority and we fight against pain. We hold onto hidden beliefs that are not in truth and we avoid, deny and blame.

In order to heal, we must have another fragment that holds all our various fragments together. This is the human ego. The truth is, we can’t live well as humans without an ego. It is the job of our ego to become aware of our many different inner parts. At our core is our Higher Self, which is our original divine being. This is our light. Covering this is our Lower Self, with all its distortions. This is the layer that blocks our light. Our outer Mask Self is our defensive strategy for getting love and staying safe from pain.

Of these three parts, or layers, only the first two are real. The Mask Self is an ineffective strategy that undermines love and actually attracts more pain. It is the first thing that must go as we work to heal on a spiritual path. The Higher Self and Lower Self are the Real Self, since both are energized. Remember, the negative is always a distortion of something originally positive. But the Lower Self is built on wrong conclusions, half-truths and ignorance. So only the Higher Self can be called the True Self.

The ego is the Observer Self. It must start to pay attention to which part of us is in the lead. It must begin to dismantle our mask and then lead the effort of transitioning our identification from our Lower Self to our Higher Self.

To do this, we must start by strengthening our ego and learning to manage our lives. For only a strong ego can let go and surrender to serving our Higher Self. At the same time, we cannot let go of our ego before we have cleared away various aspects of our Lower Self. As such, a spiritual path is not a linear process. Indeed, the Game of Life is filled with twists and turns.

A Glitch in the Game

Along the way, there was a problem with the game. When human beings sleep or die, our spirit returns to the Spirit World. But for a very long time, Lucifer would not allow us to return to spheres of light, even if we were doing our healing work and realigning with the light. Don’t forget, as part of the Fall we had given up our free will—and therefore also our freedom—in exchange for its opposite: domination. So the Prince of Darkness, whom we had chosen over Christ, was now our master.

To fix this situation, Christ asked Lucifer to please let us return to light spheres once we had started progressing on our spiritual path. Lucifer said No.

Lucifer eventually agreed he would let us return to spheres of light—as we continued in our cycles of incarnating—under this condition: If one being would come to Earth and remain true to God, even after Lucifer was allowed to tempt and torment him to the extreme. Christ volunteered to be that person. According to the Pathwork Guide, no one has ever experienced anything as difficult as Jesus, and yet Jesus stayed true to God.

After Jesus died, a war was fought and the legions from heaven won. As a result of that outcome, which is referred to as Judgment Day, a new spiritual law went into effect: Lucifer had to start playing fair. Since that point, the dark forces can only tempt and torment us to whatever extent we still have Lower Self faults.

Finding the Key To Winning

Because people grow and evolve, the game has evolved over time. Now, as we turn the corner into a new century, humans have become collectively ready to transition from adolescence to adulthood. As we know, more is expected of adults than of children, so it may seem the game is getting harder. It is. But if we wake up to what is happening, we can consciously navigate our lives so that our problems ebb instead of escalate. The only way out, then, is to wake up. We must mature and grow out of our ignorance.

Just like children who have growth spurts, the world is now having a growth spurt. It is arriving in the form of an influx of Christ’s light that is being released on the inner planes. This is what the Pathwork Guide was preparing us for. Note, the global pandemic is not the influx the Guide talked about, as the virus is happening on the outer planes. Yet notice how this challenging situation is bringing up issues around obedience for so many.

The movement of transcending the ego and living increasingly more from our Higher Self takes us deeper into connection with the divine. If we have developed such a connection, the influx will enliven us. We will be firmly rooted in the truth inside ourselves, so we will recognize truth outside of us. Without that connection, our ego is going to shake, and our inability to discern the truth will be revealed.

The key to letting go—to aligning our ego with our Higher Self—is to trust. We must trust that Christ is on our side. And we must trust it’s safe to obey this light. We must trust we will be forgiven. And we must trust that pain will not kill us. To develop this kind of trust, we will need to die into our pain. Only then will we stand in the truth of knowing that pleasure and pain are unavoidably connected.

4     The End of the Game of Life

Winning at the Game of Life may look different from what we expect. For there’s no limit to the number of winners in this game. Our misunderstanding about winners and losers results from how we play games in duality, which is: If I win, you lose; If you win, I lose. This may be true on the duality-drenched level of the ego, but it is not in truth in the higher realms.

So the greater truth is this: Everyone can win at the Game of Life.

The way to succeed in life then is to connect with our own Higher Self. This essential light is our conscience, and it’s also the place from which guidance and intuition flow. If we are connected with our Higher Self, we are connected with the Higher Self of everyone, for it’s all the same light. And when we are all connected, we all win. So the winning approach will always be “me and the other,” not “me versus the other.”

But let’s say we’re out in front, very evolved and quite far along in our spiritual awakening, so we are able to get home ahead of others. If that’s the case, we will join the hosts of spiritual lightworkers who were never part of the Fall. They are the ones who have been working tirelessly on our behalf since before the beginning of time, helping us arrive back home safe and sound.

So the even grander truth is this: No one wins until everyone wins.

This also means that if we’re not willing to help each other grow and heal, we have not yet learned we are all connected. If we are still putting up walls and tearing each other down, we are lost in the illusion of separateness. If this is the case, we must keep playing the game. In other words, we will have to keep returning to Earth again and again until we get this right.

Our best game strategy is to get to know the self. For if we lack awareness of what is currently blocking our inner light—if we don’t yet recognize the faulty ways of our own Lower Self—we will continue to live from our ego. And when we live from the disconnected fragment that is our ego, it’s not possible to connect with the light of Christ within. In such a case, we will remain separated from our own divine nature.

The light of Christ is the light that forgives all faults, resolves all problems, harmonizes all faiths and joins all races in unity. To shine this light into the world is to win at Game of Life. And then, when all of life has become enlightened, we will all rise up.

–Jill Loree

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