Free spiritual books

Free spiritual books

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The work of personal self-development is the most rewarding thing a person can ever do. It takes willingness, time and perseverance, and the guidance of someone who has gone this way before you.

Here are several resources to help you begin your journey of exploring your inner self. These free spiritual books are available for reading online, or you can download the ebooks for reading on an electronic device.

Healing our body, mind and spirit by getting to know the self

This free self-help book paints with a broad stroke, revealing the greater picture of what it is we’re trying to accomplish and helping us understand why it can be so tricky to do this work of self-healing. Written in plain English, including real-life examples, Doing the Work arms spiritual seekers with the tools needed to take on the task of self-transformation, which is arguably the most satisfying thing a person can do with their life.

On seeking and finding true faith

What greater gift could we give ourselves than to wake up and make an effort to channel what’s inside us out into the world, to bring forward the Christ consciousness that dwells within. To become a living light. Indeed, every time we listen for the truth, we will find the light of Christ within. And there is nothing greater for us to uncover than this. For that’s the moment we’ll know there is truly nothing to fear.

Answers to key questions asked of the Pathwork® Guide

Here are fascinating answers to a deep and wide variety of life-related questions that were asked of a spirit being known as the Guide. Jill Loree has combined many into Keywords, a collection of her favorite Q&As about religion, Jesus Christ, the Bible, reincarnation, the Spirit World, death, prayer and meditation, and God. This book holds the potential to shift your view of the world. Read on The Guide Speaks or get the ebook.