Essential eBooks

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The Real.Clear. Series of 8 eBooks** / Learn more

  • Holy Moly: The Story of Duality, Darkness and a Daring Rescue ($1.99 on Amazon)
  • Finding Gold: The Search for Our Own Precious Self ($1.99)
  • Bible Me This: Releasing the Riddles of Holy Scripture ($1.99)
  • The Pull: Relationships & their Spiritual Significance ($2.99)
  • Pearls: A Mind-Opening Collection of 17 Fresh Spiritual Teachings ($2.99)
  • Gems: A Multifaceted Collection of 16 Clear Spiritual Teachings ($2.99)
  • Bones: A Building-Block Collection of 19 Fundamental Spiritual Teachings ($2.99)
  • Nutshells: Short and Sweet Spiritual Insights ($1.99)


The Self.Help. Series of 3 eBooks** / Learn more

  • Spilling the Script: A Concise Guide to Self-Knowing ($2.99)
  • Healing the Hurt: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance ($2.99)
  • Doing the Work: Healing our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self ($2.99)


Three Additional eBooks** / Learn more

  • Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead ($0.99)
  • Walker: A Memoir about How I Made a Road ($6.99)
  • Word for Word: An Intimate Exchange between a Couple of Kindred Souls ($2.99)


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