Essential Teachings (Monthly)

Why Subscribers?

Essential Teachings* monthly subscribers have full access to all 95 teachings in the Real.Clear. 7-book series for reading online.

What is the REAL. CLEAR. Series?

This series of seven books offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings by way of easier-to-read language. Each book is a compilation of teachings that have been rewritten for clarity and infused with a bit of levity, because as Mary Poppins put it, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

What is HOLY MOLY (Book One)?

Fascinating teachings about our journey out of darkness, including explanations about the Fall and Plan of Salvation.

What is FINDING GOLD (Book Two)?

Enlightening teachings about the journey to finding ourselves.

What is BIBLE ME THIS (Book Three)?

Answers to questions asked about the meaning of various Bible stories and verses.

What is THE PULL (Book Four)?

Valuable teachings about the power and significance of relationships.

What is PEARLS (Book Five)?

17 stand-alone teachings offering wisdom you can use everyday.

What is GEMS (Book Six)?

16 spiritual teachings delivering rich, profound insights.

What is BONES (Book Seven)?

19 core teachings that are the foundation for doing this work of healing.

What is NUTSHELLS (Snippets from Books 5-7)?

Shortened versions of the teachings in Bones, Gems and Pearls.


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