Why Subscribers

The Phoenesse website is set up to offer Subscribers access to various amounts of content. Since the Pathwork material is available for free to anyone in the world, why should I get paid for this content?

Two reasons. First, I have worked full-time since 2015 creating ebooks, paperbacks and podcasts that make the Guide’s teachings more accessible. So it’s fair. Actually it’s a good deal, given that all my podcasts are free and the ebooks would cost $40 to buy from Amazon—even at the low price of $1.99 and $2.99 each—whereas subscribing to Essential All is only $7.

Second, I cannot make content available for free on Phoenesse and then also offer it for sale on Amazon, per Amazon policy. This is the reason Living Light is not available on Amazon. It is, however, available for free on Apple Books.

That said, all content on this website—including my memoir and a few other goodies—is available for free to anyone in the world who can’t subscribe for any reason. Whether it’s lack of funds, lack of credit card, trust issues with this site, or just not wanting to pay the price, really, it doesn’t matter. Simply send a message with your email address saying “I would like access to everything on Phoenesse” and I’ll hook you up.

—Jill Loree