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With Phoenesse, you can explore spiritual teachings in many ways.

Explore spiritual teachings

In Overview Form | Understand the Teachings

Read an overview of the Guide’s teachings, created by Jill Loree and organized into three parts:

• The Work of Healing | Learn about the work of incarnating as a human into this land of duality, and the steps we can take to unwind our difficulties and free ourselves from struggle.

• The Prequel | Learn about the series of events that unfolded in the Spirit World, landing us here in this difficult dimension.

• The Rescue | Learn what happened when we lost our free will, how we got it back, and who we should thank.

Spiritual book series

In Book or Podcast Form  |  The Real.Clear. Series

Read roughly 100 teachings from the Guide, rewritten for easier reading and nicely organized for improved accessibility.

Already familiar with Pathwork lectures? See which teachings are in what books.

Pathwork lectures

In Original Lecture Form  |  The Pathwork Lectures

Read any of the 250 Pathwork lectures or visit www.pathwork.org.

In Q&A Form  |  The Guide Speaks

Get answers to thousands of questions asked of the Pathwork Guide, organized and offered by your friends at Phoenesse. www.theguidespeaks.com.

Or get Keywords, a collection of Jill Loree’s favorites, and explore spiritual teachings in this free ebook.

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