Lecture 11 – Self-knowledge – the Great Plan – the Spirit World | Abbreviated Version

P1             Yet, even if these wishes came true these people would not be happy. They would still feel a deep-seated unrest, would have an undefinable bad conscience. Why? Because happiness does not depend on outer circumstances or other people, no matter how convinced the spiritually immature person is of this fallacy. Spiritually mature people know this. They know that they themselves are solely responsible for their happiness or unhappiness. They know that they are capable of creating a happy life, first within themselves but then also, inevitably, in their outer life. The whole universe is within each person; therefore, God is within each person. Each living creature has a part of God within. The only way to reach this divine part within is on the small and narrow path of self-development. The goal is perfection.

P2             “What do my reactions—not only my deeds and thoughts—really mean? Are my actions supported by my feelings or do I have motives behind these actions that do not correspond to what I like to believe about myself or what I like other people to believe? Have I been honest with myself so far? What are my mistakes?” And for the time being, you can find out how advanced you are on this path by viewing your life and your problems. How happy are you? What is lacking in your life? To the extent that unhappiness or discontent exist in your life you have not fulfilled your potential.

For those who really fulfill themselves, even if the outside result is not immediately noticeable, and the residue, the outside manifestation of the past remains, inside there will be a deep and peaceful contentment, security, and a sense of fulfillment. For the outer form of the inner conflict you may be working on right now cannot be dissolved so quickly. Impatience will only be a hindrance.

P3             These laws contain, among other things, the stipulation, if I may use this expression, that the free will of an individual must never be violated. Each spirit in God’s world, which is a world of order, has a definite task. For whenever a spirit of God talks to you, it will tell you there are many, many gradations; many, many hierarchies. If you want happiness and are willing to pay the price, you must receive it.

By the same token, if people want with all their hearts nothing else but God’s truth and the fulfillment of God’s will, they will receive that. So it is in the wish that the result is contained. Whenever you have contact with the spirit world of God it is the highest, the most beautiful, and the most useful thing you can ever attain. For that a price has to be paid. When you buy a house the price will be higher than when you buy a shack. You accept that as natural; it cannot be otherwise. But it is not so easy to accept this principle when it comes to spiritual development and spiritual values.

P5             This (contacting your own spiritual guide) can be done only if the purpose is to follow the path of perfection, to help one’s own development, to solve a particular problem. And this wish has to be very strong and sincere, not half-hearted at all! This must be truly the only reason, with no sense of sensationalism or curiosity mixed into this wish. The personal guide of the individual in question will make itself known, provided the answer cannot be obtained another way, let us say through other human beings.

For God’s spirits do not answer questions that can be answered in your own world. It is not their task to help you avoid a little bit of effort to find out. There are many questions a personal guide can and will gladly answer: if, for instance, you do not know what the will of God is in a particular situation, if you want to discover unconscious trends and emotions, or if you find yourself in some kind of disharmony with your fellow-creatures and do not know the reason. This and similar questions will be answered if you open the door for truth.

And this can happen only if you are prepared to accept the truth under any circumstances, even if you should hear what you least want to hear. The way the answer can be received varies greatly. One way may be that while you meditate and become still and ask this question, wanting only truth and God’s will, suddenly a new thought comes to you. There will be no doubt about the rightness and truth of this thought no matter whatever angle you consider it from. This may be one way, and it is called the way of inspiration.

P7             Thus the Higher Self can influence you to fight your Lower Self. The Higher Self, when listened to, can make itself known in the course of life, through certain actions and reactions, but it cannot converse with you the way a spirit can.

P9             The Lower Self likes to remain in the same old hole—to strain rather than change. As long as an evil is not torn out by its roots it can always reappear under certain conditions.

—The Pathwork® Guide