Lecture 12 – The Order and Diversity of the Spiritual World and Reincarnation | Abbreviated Version

P1             You have all learned that human beings forge their own destinies. That you have to carry such heavy burdens is the result of breaking spiritual laws, often unconsciously. This will not sufficiently explain to you events like wars, in which, through the decision of a few, many who seem innocent have to suffer a heavy fate. To this I reply: First of all, even in mass or group disasters, an individual will never need to experience anything that does not fit into his or her own destiny.

Not only the politicians or those few who visibly and publicly shape world history are to be made responsible for wars, but every single person who, with impure thoughts and emotions, pollutes the cosmic “reservoir,” and this, one day, must have its effect. If only a small part of humankind sowed the seeds of peace, wars would not exist, in spite of a few unscrupulous politicians. Most people, including you, my friends, harbor thoughts of anxiety, and if not thoughts of hate, then of mistrust and separation, such as between one group and another—and all of these violate the law of brotherhood. Each thought of this kind, each emotion is a significant contribution to the outbreak of war.

Even when people are free of false reactions concerning society in general, but react in their private lives in erroneous negative ways, this energy will contribute to precipitate a war or another mass catastrophe. Indirectly, by living spiritually, people can do more for or against war than politicians or statesmen. Look at some of your fellow humans with whom you might have difficulties. They might have hurt you and you cannot get over it or understand it. Yet try looking at the issue from another point of view.

P2             Consider how often you have had a similar reaction yourself and may have wounded a fellow human being, not because you wanted to but because in your own blind insecurity you thought that this was the best way to protect yourself. From the understanding comes empathy and that is the way of love. So try not always to focus on yourself and your pain. Try to see the other. Forget yourself for the moment, attempt to understand the other in the sense I explained before. See his or her pain, not yours, see his or her insecurity, not yours.

And ask God to give you the light of truth and knowledge to look at the whole situation as it really is, not the way you are trying to present it from your point of view. I can promise you, my loved ones, that if you are truly desirous to understand the need and the loneliness of others, then you will not experience their erroneous acts as painful to you. You can liberate yourself from your suffering by concentrating on the “thou” instead of the “I” and by asking God to give you the full vision of the truth. Everything you have in your world is also in the spiritual world, and much more.

For earthly objects are only a reflection, an imitation of the corresponding spiritual forms. They actually could not exist in your world unless they first existed in spirit. Thus spiritual things are not, as human beings often think, symbols. It is the other way round: the earthly things are symbols standing for spiritual reality. In the spirit world, the landscapes or objects are the mental expression, the product of the mentality of the respective spirit being; in the human world the objects or landscapes seem to have nothing to do with the individual. There are an infinite number of spheres from the highest and purest to the deepest and most impure, with unfathomable gradations in-between.

P3             About the spiritual spheres. Within an extensive sphere with different departments, there are specific places where the incarnations are prepared. In hospitals of a very specific kind spirits entities who are medically trained work on preparing the fluids, as I have explained already. They draw the fluids together, rendering the entity unconscious for the time. In another part of this sphere the incarnations are discussed. Here specifically trained higher beings know exactly the laws and the past incarnations of an individual soul, have studied the load still to be carried, the merits, the abilities, what has been completed and what still remains.

They know the entire path of the individual soul’s destiny, so that they are capable of ascertaining and planning the most advantageous circumstances and conditions for the next life on earth, including the merits and hindrances which each entity is to bring to earth in order to make the most progress. The being who is about to be incarnated discusses the coming life with the higher beings, speaks its wishes and listens to advice. They (humans) are prone to displace their real motives and wear a mask so that their pure currents are polluted by the unpurified qualities. But here everything is clear and open.

P6             It may be, as I said before, that people shy away from knowing themselves truthfully, developing themselves on the path, and overcoming their resistances. They rather push away what is unpleasant to recognize in themselves. It may also be that their reluctance is caused by fear of disappointment, that perhaps it cannot be this way, a fear to hold on to the hope that this difficult life is not the last, the only and final one. This is another attitude that may be at the bottom of the resistance to accepting the greater reality. Faith is higher understanding, faith is knowing, and this knowing is grace. Grace has to be earned. It is earned when the person’s goodwill becomes manifest and conquers the unconscious cross-currents which attempt to deny the truth.

—The Pathwork® Guide