Lecture 125 – Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current | Abbreviated Version

P1             The yes-current is the expression of the supreme intelligence and creative universal force. It is the life force, whose aspects have been discussed in a separate lecture. It is all that strives toward union, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, fruition. It is truth and love in its substance and manifestation. It is life-embracing and accepting. Its movements are smooth and harmonious. All those adapting themselves to the yes-current must be in equally smooth harmony, must reach perfection and fulfillment on higher levels, must extend the range and experience of a consciousness unbroken by untruthful concepts and contradictory currents.

The no-current affects us in the opposite manner, but not in the sense that it is itself evil, manifest in the scheme of creation as an equal principle to the life force. It consists rather of ignorance, blindness, distortion, and lack of awareness. Ignoring truth, it must be in fear, and spread fear. Hence it is the opposite of love, of everything that leads toward union and fulfillment. It is discord, and spreads disharmony and isolation. The yes-current is the root of all. It is the cause. It is the inner source, and provides you with a realistic, comprehensive grasp of things, so that outer manifestations are seen in proportion.

P2             The no-current does not open a further vista than the periphery, the effect, the outer manifestation—and therefore it does not lead to truth, liberation, or harmony. The real impetus to transform oneself can never come unless one sees the destructive nature of a false image and evaluates its effects on self and others. When you discover specifically how you say No to a special desire or a cherished fulfillment, you reach a major transition in your entire development, in your outlook toward life. For the first time, you comprehend the fact that you do not have to depend on circumstances outside your control, that you are not a persecuted victim of an unfair and unkind fate, that you do not live in a chaotic world, where the law of the jungle seems the most appropriate.

When you discover that you say No to the very thing you desire most, you can no longer be insecure and frightened and hanging on to the misconception that you are unlucky and inferior. Of course it requires the training of becoming aware of hidden emotional reactions, of subtle, elusive, vaguely felt emotional movements. You will glean that what has refused to come to you and made you more hopeless now has a chance to do so because you begin to envision the possibility of a change in yourself—even before you are capable of changing.

P3             The temptation to blind oneself to the true issue, to project and displace, often blurs one’s memory of past victory; of the proper procedure of prayer, meditation, and daily review; of formulating confusions, unanswered questions, vague uneasy feelings in a concise way and tackling them as they barricade the way; of asking for help; of cultivating one’s inner will to overcome all barriers toward seeing the truth about oneself and having the willingness to change; of registering the inner No during these endeavors; of tackling these No’s in the only productive way, namely with the intent of wanting to see and understand the truth about the matter.

Therefore, the path can roughly be divided into two major phases: first, enlisting divine help for recognition of truth; second, enlisting this same agency for the strength, stamina, and ability to change. These two fundamental desires, being part of the great yes-current, must be cultivated in the details of daily living, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. This detail work is the most important aspect of the willingness to change. Human consciousness is the sculptor, the soul substance the material which it molds. It is the entire personality, including all levels, which determines the fate.

P4             Such No’s are directly connected with the original image, the false concept which molded the image into the soul substance. It is this basic misconception which makes one reject what one wants most, subtly acting in such a way that the image inevitably appears to be confirmed. Once you find your particular No, and how it influences your behavior, whether obvious or subtle, you come to understand that you lack success not because you are inadequate, but you are inadequate because you think you are and fear any occasion that might put you to the test.

Meditation on why there is nothing to fear, why the old fear was false, and why the new accepting attitude to life is entirely safe, is the final step in moving from a no-current to a yes-current. This should be done as daily meditation work, creating a new mold in the soul substance—this time a flexible, light, truthful one which finally erases the old, rigid, heavy, untruthful one. The misconception that striving for personal fulfillment is identical with selfishness and greed is another obstacle to a healthy yes-current.

P5             Say, “I want to come out of it. In order to do so, I want to know specifically what obstructs the way at this moment. I know that my real self, that the constructive universal forces help and guide me the moment I decide to do something about it. Relaxed meditation, concentration, and a minimum of daily self-observation cannot possibly be dispensed with. The mere fact of its existence is no guarantee that your wanting it is a yes-current.

Apart from the opposite desire on an unconscious level, such a “yes” may come out of greed and fear, of too much wanting, and greed and fear are products of the no-current. Yes or no, “I want to” or “I do not want to,” can only be determined as expressions of the yes-or no-current if these wishes are closely observed, if one listens to any harsh or disturbing emotion contained in them. Let this innermost self, this greater intelligence within you, answer your confusions, guide you to the truth you need to know about yourself and strengthen you to change false images, misconceptions, and to swing from the no-current, that has a deeply hopeless, doubting, destructive, dark, negative outlook, into the yes-current with its promise which will be inevitably fulfilled.

P6             One must be fully self-sufficient in order to come into the full realization that God’s help is essential, and that this help has to be requested by the independent person as an act of will. An additional source of help is the method of talking things out. You may also need to overcome a no-current against the process of self-exposure. For wherever the trouble festers, a deep shame exists. Whatever the misconception, the original image with its false premises and negative emotions causes deep shame. The wise, inner self knows what is needed and subtly nudges the outer personality. When close contact with this inner self is not established on all levels, such nudging is misinterpreted.

P8             When you understand that self hood and selfgovernment are synonymous with following the voice and the will of your divine self, that these two concepts are not mutually exclusive and contradictory but interdependent, you will comprehend the vast difference between the real self and the insignificant outer brain, the difference between the tight, anxious, doubtful, greedy pseudo-yes-current and the relaxed, calm inner knowledge of all the good things in life belonging to you, of the real yes-current; and, in order to contact it, you have to stand on your own feet, dispensing with the necessity of having another authority responsible for you. 

P9             Every time you ask for the manifestation of the divine within yourself it comes, whether to know the truth about yourself, to resolve a difficult situation, or to transform your self into a more truthful, productive person.

P10           You go on saying: “The truth cannot harm me, although something ignorant in me rebels against it. In spite of it, I say Yes. It has no power over the way I direct my will and my endeavors. This very same No has brought much destructiveness and misery, and I do not allow it to rule over me any longer. I take the reins in my hands.”

—The Pathwork® Guide