Lecture 137 – Balance of Inner and Outer Control | Abbreviated Version

P2             When parts of the inner self come forth, carrying infinite possibilities for bliss, for good, for limitless expansion, they seem to be totally unconnected with the familiar personality. This inner center is the divine consciousness. It permeates the entire universe, it comprises all. Hence, the inner center of each human being is one with the inner center of every other human being. All are filled with the living unity that knows no conflict and no limitation.

The creative power at work in any life process is all one and the same. The separation of matter and consciousness is illusion. Not being aware of the life-center is directly connected with not being aware of the negative causes that you set in motion. Here, too, you feel as though two separate entities were involved: your familiar conscious self, with its aims and thoughts, and the newly discovered unconscious, with its entirely opposite negative aims and thoughts. You begin to own up to and feel responsible for this indwelling “entity.” You connect with it and can identify with it. Hence you can take responsibility for it and become one with it.

P3             The moment you consider that whatever you experience is a result of some cause you have set in motion, the moment you say “I must somehow have produced it, I want to see where and how” and then let go and let your positive inner powers produce the answers, you must inevitably come into possession of this knowledge. The truth is easily forgotten when it has not become second nature in the process of growing.

As you take ownership and responsibility for the destructive in you, it no longer rules you, and you become capable of taking responsibility for the best in creation—the divine in you. As you see how the destructive elements in you work and what motivates them, they will cease to frighten you, for you will be able to determine their course. At the same time you will no longer be frightened by the greatest positive power dwelling within you.

P4             The outer personality levels serve one purpose: to reach the inner being, to know the power of the inner being, to conceive of the beauty and the possibilities of the inner being, to establish a deliberate contact with the inner center. The outer self has to allow itself to be guided, moved and filled with what comes forth from the inner self. When the outer personality deliberately makes room for it, the inner self will spontaneously manifest.

For purposeful activity the exact reverse is needed: Where the personality forces and pushes, letting go and giving in to the superior force within the self is necessary. Where the personality gives up in a hopeless, resigned way, without formulating thoughts that can activate the inner nucleus, you need to apply effort and will. Unfortunately, too often the line of least resistance prevails in those thought processes that indulge in negativity, while the outer will fights, struggles and presses for a desired result that cannot come as long as the inner faculties are left out of commission.

This tense and anxious pushing occurs in a very subtle, yet very real way. It is directed toward others who, one insists, have to behave in a certain way to enable the self to accomplish its goal. You will become acutely conscious of how you give in to the most destructive thought patterns and emotions. You will see how in this respect you choose the line of least resistance. If only you would say, “I, with my outer being, cannot solve this problem. But I know that I must be in confusion and untruth because I am driven to think, feel and act in a way that produces hopelessness, fear, frustration, feelings of doubt. I will now deliberately contact and activate the most constructive center of my innermost being and let it move me into the thoughts and realizations I need to have right now, into actions and feelings that are good and productive in this moment.”

And then, let go and let be—and let it move you! Let it think through you! Let it feel through you! This is all you have to do. You must work for integration by the same process of conceiving, formulating and activating the proper thoughts and will, of calling forth the inner center. And you must repeat the process. When a proper balance of control exists in this respect, you give of yourself freely and fearlessly. At the same time, you free the loved one.

You do not force, you do not need to possess, you do not need to own, and you do not need to exert a tight control and pressure. You therefore cannot be owned or controlled either. Hence, you need not fear to love and to be loved. You are in the true sense of the world “self-determining.” Control, in the best sense, is yours, without tightness or fear. In distortion, in false control, you are again in an either/or situation. To love in a distorted way is martyrdom, self-effacing submission, self-destruction for the sake of the “loved one.”

To be loved, in the distorted version, is to possess and control the “loved one” completely. You associate love with lack of freedom. Activate the inner center by expressing that you want to give of yourself freely, without fear of being controlled. Express your desire to feel and experience the oneness of love and freedom.

Request guidance to get you to this stage by establishing the necessary sense of integrity and self-acceptance. It is the inner being, right in you, that knows and understands the process of love without danger, of giving love and freedom and therefore of receiving love and remaining free. It (this indwelling consciouness) is always ready to respond, but it must be specifically contacted. It will fill you with new, stimulating, challenging thoughts, outlooks and ideas. It will lead you into feelings of truth and beauty. Its guidance is invaluable. If you call upon it, it must respond, for this is the law.  

You have to rediscover again and again that you started the negative chain reaction deliberately at one point. Then it got out of hand until it seemed that you could no longer control it. But you can—by the simple formulation of the right thought and desire. You must make that effort.

You must clearly formulate the desire to emerge from any negative inner or outer situation. You can always express a clearly formulated desire for a constructive result. Even while you doubt the existence of the immediately accessible greater wisdom and power within yourself, honestly test it by allowing it to manifest “if it exists.”

P8             Ask this constructive power, this nucleus of perfection and beauty, of health and wisdom, to give you the right ideas for removing the separating wall. Request it to inspire you with the most effective meditation at any given moment, so that even your outer mind, which must take the first step to establish the contact with the inner center, will be filled with the power and wisdom of your core.

—The Pathwork® Guide