Lecture 14 – Higher Self, Lower Self and Mask | Abbreviated Version

P1             Thoughts and feelings have definite and substantial spiritual forms and a feeling is really just an “unthought thought” not yet made conscious. Although thought creates a different form than a feeling does, nevertheless, both create very definite and substantial forms. Each subtle body, as well as the physical body, has an aura: the vibration and emanation of that body. Thought-forms or feeling-forms reflect their image in the aura. These forms really do exist in the spirit. Each living being has a Higher Self or divine spark. This is the finest and most radiant of the subtle bodies, with the quickest frequency of vibration.

Since the fall of the angels, the Higher Self surrounded itself slowly and gradually with various layers of denser matter, not quite as dense as the physical body, but infinitely denser than the Higher Self. Thus did the Lower Self come into existence. The aim of spiritual development is to eliminate the Lower Self so that the Higher Self become free again of all outer layers it has acquired. The Lower Self consists not only of the common faults and the individual weaknesses that vary with each person, but also of ignorance and laziness. It hates to change and conquer itself; it has a very strong will that may not always manifest itself outside, and wants its way without paying the price. It is very proud and selfish, and always has a great deal of personal vanity.

P2             Higher Self may be mixed in with tendencies from the Lower Self, the original shade twisted, colored, or dirtied. All the various tendencies have different colors and, in many cases different tones and scents. Self-deception example selfish desire. People react emotionally without thinking about facing the Lower Self. The subconscious feels it necessary to present a different picture of the self in order to avoid certain difficulties, unpleasantness, or disadvantages of all sorts. Thus people create another layer of the self which has nothing to do with reality, either with that of the Higher Self, or with the temporary reality of the Lower Self. It is what you might call phony or false; it is unreal.

Instead of overcoming selfishness by the slow process of development, people often act as though they were already unselfish. But they actually are selfish, and feel the selfishness. They hate the pressure of their higher selves to act contrary to the desires of their lower selves, but feel compelled to put on an act, which disturbs their inner peace, since it does not agree with their still predominant lower-self feelings. Their giving and their generosity are just a sham. In other words, the right act is entirely unsupported by the unpurified feelings, and therefore the person is at war within. The proper act becomes an act of necessity, of compulsion, instead of free choice.

P3             One must fight for enlightenment and strive for development in order to purify one’s feelings and desires. But if this is not accomplished, there should at least be no self-deception. As I said before, being true to oneself does not mean that you should give in to your Lower Self, but that you should be aware of it. Do not fool yourself if you still act according to the necessity to protect yourself and not out of enlightened vision and inner conviction. Be aware that your feelings are still unpurified in this or that respect. In order to reach your Higher Self, you must first face your Lower Self, or your temporary reality, instead of covering it up.

Many, many people wear a mask, at least in some respects. This mask self presents to us a very ugly color, my dear friends. It is not dark, black, or sinister as are the trends of the Lower Self in different variations; the colors of the mask self are sickeningly sweet. If you are an artist or are artistically inclined, you know how to determine a good, genuine color or an unreal, sweetly artificial coloring. You even have created a word for bad art and bad coloring: you call it kitsch. It is the same with the tones and the odor of the mask self: they are sickly and nauseating. We spirits prefer the emanation and effects of the Lower Self, unpleasant as they may be for us, but at least they are honest

P5             By keeping the conflict in the subconscious, the soul has failed to make peace with itself. There is a great strain and friction. As long as the conscious and will directing part of the personality does not take charge, the inner fight and friction goes on. As I have explained it, even if the feelings cannot be purified at once, because this takes quite a long time and a combination of effort and patience, you can become aware of your own imperfections, unclean desires, and lower nature. Although you are taking the path of purification, you will not have any measure of success until you are willing to wait and work, work and wait.

P6             If your Lower Self has created an illness, the illness has to be accepted first. You should go about finding the roots or the part of your Lower Self that has created this illness. The Lower Self has to be met and completely explored. Your aim must be purification and perfection for its own sake. You do it for the love of God that you have in you, and not in order to avoid putting up with a discomfort. Once your motives are pure, the sickness will not matter half as much as the state of your soul.

To the degree that the ego and the comfort of all that goes with it loses importance, you will have followed a very important spiritual law. Thus health will be gradually restored. Once you discover your Lower Self, and shed all the masks and all the covering layers, you will begin to work on the different aspects of the Lower Self. You do this by daily observation and self-testing, observing again and again how far your inner currents still deviate from what you wish them to be. Question and answer about the different spiritual pathways of the East and West, the East adopted the female aspect of God and the West the male aspect.

P7             The fall of the angels shows the events in creation where God manifested as Creator and therefore in his male aspect. In this tragedy God was enacting and creating new conditions whereby the return to Him would be assured eventually to all creatures.

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