Lecture 15 – Influence between Spiritual and Material World | Abbreviated Version

P1             Since distance in the world of spirit is not measured by your geographical measurements, it is possible for many spheres to exist on the same geographical or material spot and to overlap. A person is in contact with a sphere that corresponds to his or her general, overall spiritual development. Since no one on earth is harmoniously developed—if you were, you would not have to live here—you may at one time be in contact with a particular spiritual sphere, and when your mood changes, the currents coming out of your soul, your subconscious, and conscious mind, will connect you with quite a different sphere.

P2             Certainly, evil spirits can and do influence you, but only if and when you permit it by your laxity in pursuing your spiritual development and through your inclination to take the line of least resistance. The world of spirit, in all its gradations, is much more specialized than your earthly sphere. This applies to the divine order and to the world of darkness as well as all the variations in-between. Each one of you attracts those specialists whose particular qualities, good or bad, you possess. For like attracts like inevitably, magnetically.

They will interfere only to protect according to past merits, following exact spiritual laws about which they are very careful and which they do not ever break, because these laws are perfection, love, wisdom and justice. If your fault is selfishness, there will be a selfishness specialist attached to you. If your fault is that you are inclined to furious outbursts, you will have a specialist around you of a type who will wait for you to permit it to take over, influence you and thus live through you.

P3             So you must bear in mind that it is your own faults that pull the particular specialists close to you in the first place, and that they constantly wait for an opportunity to live through you. Thus you collude with them, and can get rid of them only through your personal endeavor to overcome your faults. Between these low creatures and the higher entities of the world of God there are many spirits who are very similar to yourselves in their attitudes. They may be deceased people who mean well and are not particularly bad, but who do not yet belong to the divine order and are thus blind in many respects. They often seek to influence human beings because it helps them in some way, or simply because they have nothing better to do. They can learn from you if you take the spiritual path of self-development.

However, if you are not stronger than they are, they will influence you, sometimes not harmfully, but, even though they may mean well, they do not inspire you to the best of your spiritual advantage because they are blind. If you are willing to take this path, you will be guided and helped. But first this will and decision must be clearly formulated within you; then it will be recognized. At that point your divine guidance can automatically and immediately get close to you and can, among other things, guide you to the proper human help which you also need in order to take this path. This is how the different spiritual spheres with their respective creatures influence humans.

Human beings are not helpless prey to these influences, but determine them. People who give in to the Lower Self create forms that correspond to the quality, strength, and type of their Lower Self. This does not exclude their simultaneously creating harmonious and beautiful forms to the degree that their Higher Self is allowed to function. Divine creation, however, can never dissolve; it can only be pushed into the background so that it cannot affect the material world as long as the negative attitude remains in control there. Disharmony, with all its facets, can and must ultimately be destroyed and dissolved. For instance, if a group of human beings, perhaps only a very small group, comes together in the sincere and honest desire to serve God and His great plan, do you know what form we see in the spirit world? We see a very beautiful temple being built in the world of spirit.

P5             Daydreaming is very harmful because when you are doing it, you are escaping reality. If your life is very difficult, you escape from your actual life and its problems by conjuring up pictures of how you would like it to be.

P9             This question gives me a good opportunity to suggest to all of you working with me personally to write down your daydreams in your notebooks. Bring them to your personal sessions, or write about them in your monthly reports, if you are away. Because, as you very rightly said, there is a connection. For me, if there is no spiritual distance, there is no distance. And yet, to go from here to the door may be an unsurpassable distance for a spirit.

QUESTION: Because of the density of the medium? ANSWER: The spiritual attitude is the distance. There is no time and space measurement in the spirit world compared to what you have here. The measurement we have is purely individual, spiritual, and psychological. A spirit who has reached a certain development has the whole universe at its disposal up to the sphere it has reached. It cannot get higher until it reaches the respective development.

—The Pathwork® Guide