Lecture 159 – Life Manifestation Reflects Dualistic Illusion | Abbreviated Version

P1             There can be no upward movement unless there is first a downward one. There can be no life unless it has gone through a form of death until it is no longer split. Fear of the down curve means fear of change, thus you seek stagnation as a means of safety, as a means to avoid the apparent danger of moving into the self-produced curve. The curve can lead out of strife only when it is understood, accepted, and transcended.

P2             See your bad moods as the downward curve that presages the next upward curve. Make the best of both by tuning into the next upward curve and into the subliminal intelligence that is always perceivable when it is truly desired. You will embrace it (the downward curve) by fully accepting it, by fully being in it and with it. What does your unfulfilled longing mean in these terms? What do your frustrations mean?

Needless to say, all of these can only be fully tackled when you first admit to yourself the unfulfilled longings, your discontent, your hurts and fears, your real desires. Once this is done you can begin to seek an understanding of why they exist and why the desires are not fulfilled. So you must seek to understand the negative creation as your own product. Not seeing that the negative creations are your own product makes you inevitably rebel against them. Thus you find yourself in the peculiar position of quarreling with yourself. In this state you blame someone/something else.

P3             The magnificent creative process, constantly at work within yourself, often reveals itself first in its negative manifestation. Even when you believe in the creative powers, you still imagine them coming as a special reward after you have overcome your blindness, disconnectedness, and difficulties. You must become a “finished product,” as it were, before you can partake of the universal creative powers. This is the vague belief most people have and it is a distortion of reality. The very unhappiness you suffer from is as much a creative output as the creation of the good you dream about. It (creative power) operates according to the state of your consciousness.

This includes, of course, the conscious and unconscious mind. What you have, or do not have, is a direct creation of all you think, all you feel, all you want. Do not permit it to work inadvertently, arbitrarily, haphazardly by your unwise, destructive and sloppy thinking processes, your fears, your misconceptions, your ignorance—in short, by allowing so much material to remain unconscious and thus disconnected from you. If you do, destructive processes will determine the creation of yourself and your life to the exact degree they exist.

And only in this separation (between conscious/unconscious mind) are you practically forced to ascribe your unhappiness to dark powers that seem to have nothing to do with you. Thus you fear the world, as well as your own inner being. The creative power within is not only constructive, benign, good and wise. It is also destructive, vicious, evil and stupid.

P4             It is so in its present manifestation due to the entity’s temporary state of mind. It is not inherently so. The power works eternally, neutrally and unquestioningly, according to the entity’s consciousness and direction. It penetrates your entire being and is molded by all you are, by what and how you breathe in and out, by all you think, feel, will and desire. You must not imagine that the conscious and unconscious are two different minds. They are one and the same but were split asunder artificially.

One part was then “forgotten,” its existence denied. Human consciousness is not separate from universal consciousness. As with the conscious and unconscious of the personality, so with individual and universal consciousness. It is impossible to determine where individual consciousness ends and universal consciousness begins. To express the thought that humanity is connected with the universal mind does not properly convey the truth, for this might imply that two different things are connected. This is misleading, for the two are not different in nature, essence, or origin. They are the same.

As with conscious and unconscious, the human and the universal mind are merely separated by lack of awareness. You do not possess an aspect of this universal mind, you are not even a separated part of it. You are it. That one part of you became unconscious, is not something that happened to you. It is something you made. All knowledge in the universe is essentially in you. Your consciousness has separated itself from this knowing and has therefore “forgotten.” This is true for the erroneous, destructive part as well as for the universal mind. You are a manifestation of the latter.

P5             Tonight I shall discuss a specific, extremely important, and very fundamental dualism—based, as usual, on erroneous concepts. This particular duality is universal. It is the following: pleasure versus goodness. The word “pleasure” includes all personal happiness, fulfillment, gratification on all levels, self-interest, self-assertion. In this duality, all these contradict goodness and unselfishness and must therefore be sacrificed. The opposite facet of this same duality is self-deprivation for the sake of decency, honesty, morality: “You must be good, or else!”

Goodness and unselfishness then mean renunciation of bliss. Since health is not possible without allowing the life force with all its pleasurable effects to surge through the system, ill health is a result of this duality. Intense physical pleasure is a legitimate need and legitimate longing because it is part of the universal law of life. Selfhood, autonomy, self-assertion are aspects of maturity and self-responsibility. They are intensely pleasurable and must also be forsaken when pleasure is supposed to be wrong and therefore denied. Hence, the spiritual pleasure of knowing the power within and one’s own potentials to create destiny must also be forsaken in this duality.

P6             The more you feel compelled to deny yourself pleasure, the more selfish you must become in order to blindly fill the void and then the more you must punish yourself for the selfishness and convince yourself that you do not deserve pleasure. The destructive part of the universal consciousness is deeply imprinted with this duality, is imbued with its false divisions. As you have a personal constructive and destructive unconscious, so it is with the consciousness of this earth sphere, of every nation, of every city, of every group.

The more individuals dissolve their destructive conscious and unconscious processes and transcend them by reaching into the unified divine depths, the more the world consciousness must change. There is no other salvation than the discovery of the ground of one’s own being which is so alive, so powerful, so full of potentials and possibilities—infinite in good, infinite in abundance. If the ego-intelligence can accept this as a possibility and work with it by deliberately activating this power, the in-between layer of error, destruction and suffering will give way much faster than otherwise.

P7             There must be a perpetual turnover of energy in a healthily functioning person. This cannot take place when the destiny of the pleasure current is willfully and artificially stopped. Pleasure comes about when the stream of energy is followed. It leads to loving, giving and receiving, uniting, opening up to the forces of life. It leads to the innermost self with all its powers, as well as to another person with whom one shares these delights. Finding out one’s strength, resources, abilities, resiliency, and any asset you can name, is pleasure.

P8             Growth means the gradual thinning and eventual dissolution of this film, so that you experience directly. The meaning of this is profound, for as long as you shrink back from direct, naked experience, you must be in trouble with yourself. Experience of pleasure, as well as of unpleasure, cannot ever harm you, unless you believe it will harm you. The harm comes exclusively from defending yourself against experience, by closing yourself up. In order to come out of this state, you have to recognize that your unconscious is not yet as willing as your conscious mind. Accept this for the moment. Deal with your resisting unconscious in an intelligent way.

Speak to it in a relaxed manner. Say to it: “I am wrong in fearing experience. Nothing bad can happen to me if I have pleasure, or if I am hurt or disappointed. These are illusory fears. I do want the resiliency that is essentially mine. I do call upon powers deeper within me than the false fears and ideas. I no longer wish to reject experience. My fear of so-called good or bad happenings is based on illusion.” You will learn, little by little, to let yourself experience whatever comes your way.

—The Pathwork® Guide